Worry about the Bottom Line, not Top Line Revenue

Wednesday, June 24

Work smarter, not harder! Stop worrying about doing more and more projects and focus on the few projects you have on hand. Work to maximize your profit off a few real estate investing projects and you will see an improvement in the bottom line. Focusing on the bottom line rather than top line rev...

8 Expert Tips To Prepare For A Crisis

Wednesday, April 15

You can't plan for a crisis in business, but you can be prepared! Use these 8 expert tips to prepare yourself and your real estate investing business should something happen. 1. Make sure you have the proper capital in place. 2. Solidify your team. 3. Provide for others in need with referrals and...

Assembling Your Team For Success

Wednesday, April 15

The people around you are just as important for your success as the work you do. You need the following people on your real estate investing team: -- Real Estate Agent-- Funding or Lending Partner-- Title Company or Attorney-- Other Investors for Networking-- CPA 

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Thursday, February 27

Real estate investing is not the "get rich quick" scheme many seem to think it is. While you can make a good profit off of one project, but you have to continue the process over and over again. Successful real estate investors are in it for the long run, planting seeds in the beginning to grow th...

Do you REALLY know your numbers on a flip?

Thursday, February 27

Too many investors don't know their costs when going into a fix and flip. Get a more accurate profit prediction starting with your purchase price and adding: -- Purchase costs, usually 4% --Construction costs --Financing costs, usually about 10% -- Holding costs, including utility bills, which us...

Benefits of Working with Real Private and Hard Money Lenders

Thursday, February 13

Working with a real private or hard money lender rather than an institution can make funding your next real estate investing project a lot easier. We believe there are 3 main benefits to using a hard or private money lender. 1. They're local so not only can you meet them in person but they can al...