Do You Know The Most Important Number In Real Estate?

Wednesday, September 04

The value of the property is the most important number in real estate, no matter what part of investing you're involved in. Don't depend on friends, family, sellers or even real estate agents to know the number, though you can use them for help. In order to know your exit price, you need access t...

5 Tips to Close on a Property Quickly

Wednesday, August 28

Many investors come across situations where they need to close on a property quickly. Use these 5 tips to close quickly no matter the reason:  1. Buy in cash or with a line of credit 2. Tap your relationships with hard money lenders 3. Tap a relationship with a partner like a friend or family mem...

Buying Properties in Today's Market

Wednesday, August 21

With a weird market right now, many real estate investors are overpaying for properties instead of waiting for a good deal to come along. This is not a good strategy as you could end up without a profit or, even worse, losing money. If you have downtime between projects, use that time to create m...

Facebook Ad Strategy For Investors

Wednesday, August 07

Jason has 2 goals in mind when implementing Facebook ad strategy.  1. Target a larger audience for cheaper clicks 2. Retarget that audience to get them engaged in content, potentially turning them into leads

Are You Obsessed with Real Estate Investing?

Wednesday, July 31

Every business owner needs passion for his or her industry and real estate investing is no different. When you're obsessed with your business, you work harder to learn it because you enjoy it. With real estate investing, find what area appeals to you the most and then go all in until you're an ex...

6 Tools I Use for a Productive Day

Wednesday, July 24

The tools are out there to keep your productivity high throughout the work day. These are the 6 tools I use to stay productive: 1. Gmail to easily organize my inbox2. Google Hangouts to communicate with the team and clients3. Google Drive to store and share documents4. Zapier for web opt-ins5. As...