6 Tools I Use for a Productive Day

Wednesday, July 24

The tools are out there to keep your productivity high throughout the work day. These are the 6 tools I use to stay productive: 1. Gmail to easily organize my inbox2. Google Hangouts to communicate with the team and clients3. Google Drive to store and share documents4. Zapier for web opt-ins5. As...

Flip Profit Potential Vs Buying Formula

Wednesday, July 17

When buying a real estate investment property, the most important thing to consider is the potential profit, not the buying formula. Keep these tips in mind for a large potential profit: -Leave wiggle room for unexpected extra costs.-Make sure the profit will be big enough to be worth your time.

Cash Reserves for Flipping Houses

Wednesday, July 10

Don't cut yourself short on cash reserves when flipping houses or that asset property can actually become a liability. A lot can come up when flipping houses, raising your budget. Make sure you can cover any fees or extra expenses that may come up before getting started on a project. You don't wa...

3 Hard Truths About Real Estate Investing

Wednesday, July 10

Real estate investing, like all jobs, requires effort to be successful. The sooner you accept and overcome these 3 hard truths, the sooner you will be successful at real estate investing:1. You need Money, but that doesn't mean it has to be your own money2. Finding good deals is hard but they're ...

What do you need to be a real estate wholesaler?

Wednesday, June 26

Getting into wholesaling may seem like the best place to start in real estate investing because they think it requires less money and expertise. While it's true that you have more options with a wholesale deal, you may need more to be a wholesaler.In order to be a successful wholesaler, you need ...

Tips For Executing On Any Project

Wednesday, June 19

Many people struggle to get projects done because they don't completely understand it. Take the time to completely wrap your brain around the project from start to finish, even if it takes longer to do so than the actual project.Imagining the project as a whole will help you complete the project ...