Posted almost 2 years ago

Who are the best clients to work with?

In business it’s so important to start trying to gain business from your sphere and the people you know before expanding to the general public.

When I was a real estate agent about 15 years ago, I invested in a program. The model was working through referrals and marketing to the people you know and trust who want to work with you. I learned that it’s much more fun working with those people anyways.

Many people will say “well I don’t want to spam my friends and don’t feel comfortable doing business off them”. Well you’re not, you’re providing them a valuable service and they WANT to work with someone they like and trust. They want to do business with you.

Maybe your friend or a friend of a friend is not ready to buy, sell, or lend you private money yet, but chances are they know people who do! They like you already, you’re already in the front door and it’s so much easier to work with people who you know before you work with people you don’t know. So try it!