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Nathan Britten

Mother Nature and Deductibles

By Nathan Britten, 5 months ago with 0 comments

As a landlord, these storms can be very impactful to your bottom line and it is important to understand how your properties are covered against these Read More

Brody Hough-Oakes

4 Lessons Learned from buying a HUD Home.

By Brody Hough-Oakes, 5 months ago with 0 comments

BRRRR Method, Rehab Estimate, Initial Home Inspection. Read More

Rick Howell

Build Your Buyers List With These 5 Tips!

By Rick Howell, 5 months ago with 0 comments

Read More

Dan Sarao

Upfront Work For Building An Effective Real Estate Investing Website

By Dan Sarao, 5 months ago with 0 comments

This article will help you think about some critical upfront questions you need to ask before you start to build any website. Read More

Corina Eufinger

Mixing It Up in Real Estate

By Corina Eufinger, 5 months ago with 0 comments

I'm sick of my zebras. I need something else. Read More

Kevin Amolsch

A Perfect Disaster - Why trying to be perfect is a great way to fail

By Kevin Amolsch, 5 months ago with 0 comments

Want success in business? Stop focusing on perfection. Read More

Matthew Perry

Why IBuyers Do Not Scare Me

By Matthew Perry, 5 months ago with 0 comments

Ibuying companies are willing to risk the loss on the buy side to grow the revenues on the sell side. Read More

Perry Farella

Renovating Chicago's Southside-One Home at a Time: 203k & HomeStyle

By Perry Farella, 5 months ago with 0 comments

How to use FHA 203k , Fannie Mae HomeStyle and VA Renovation loans to get your first property or add more with rehab fully funded Read More

David Thompson

Apartment Investing – Resetting Investor Expectations but Delivering

By David Thompson, 5 months ago with 0 comments

Resetting investor return expectations on apartment investing given their historical solid risk adjusted returns vs stocks. Read More

Nils Stewart

Medicaid could wipe you out

By Nils Stewart, 6 months ago with 0 comments

Medicaid pitfalls in your FI planning Read More

Stephen Rockwell

Learn about real estate investing. Share your Wisdom and Grow Rich.

By Stephen Rockwell, 6 months ago with 0 comments

There have been several people in my career that have shared their wisdom with me, and it made all the difference. Read More

Jason Balin

Do Real Estate Investors Need Real Estate Licenses?

By Jason Balin, 6 months ago with 0 comments

Even though it a real estate license is not a requirement for a real estate investor, there are pros and cons to getting one. Read More

Kevin Andrews

What to do with Capital Gains?

By Kevin Andrews, 6 months ago with 0 comments

Read More

Vinney Chopra

Kindness and Prosperity Go Together and Here’s Why

By Vinney Chopra, 6 months ago with 0 comments

Kindness is all about showing respect and helping people realize the plans that they have set for themselves. Read More

Scott Meyers

The Weekly “Dime”- Maintenance Factors that Cannot be Overlooked

By Scott Meyers, 6 months ago with 0 comments

​The duties of a self storage manager are many! With all that they have on their plates, let’s have a list of 10 maintenance reminders. Read More