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Private Mortgage Financing Partners LLC
Private Mortgage Financing Partners LLC
Specialties: Hard Money
Private Mortgage Financing & Investment LLC has been providing hard money mortgage loans on commercial and residential investment properties since 2001. We have made over 400 hard money loans secured by various types of real property, including apartments, office buildings, warehouse facilities, raw land, city lots, churches, automotive facilities, shopping centers, free standing retail, mixed use, investment single family rentals, motels, mobile home parks and community centers in both Texas and Arizona. Our clients include individual real estate investors, small business owners who own or wish to own their business facilities, corporations and non profits. We are able to close most loans in 1 week or less versus the 10 weeks or more institutional lenders require to close and fund a commercial mortgage loan. Further, our loans are asset based; the real property itself is the basis of our lending decision. Hence, if a property is producing or can produce sufficient income to pay our note and the value of the property will fully secure the note and provide sufficient equity, then the borrower's credit is not an issue. Instead of concentrating on minute detail of the borrower's credit history as institutional lenders do, we concentrate our due diligence efforts on the real estate securing the loan. As Arizona and Texas hard money lenders, we provide the professional real estate investor and property owner with the ability to borrow on underwriting criteria not available through institutional lenders. No credit check or detailed application forms are required and we can usually render a decision in 24 hours.
Hanover MC
Hanover MC
Specialties: Hard Money
Hanover Mortgage Company serves many niche markets as a direct source of capital for Commercial & Residential real estate transactions that do not qualify for ordinary bank or conventional financing. PURCHASE | REHABILITATION | REFINANCE | CASH-OUT | NOTE HYPOTHECATION On Commercial Loans, we offer long term fixed rate financing, with no appraisals on property located in California, such as: • JUNK YARDS - SCRAP METAL/WRECKING/SALVAGE • MIXED-USE REAL ESTATE - MULTIPLE PROPERTY USES WITHIN A SINGLE BUILDING. • RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS - HOUSES OF WORSHIP, CHURCHES, TEMPLES • AUTOMOTIVE RELATED - TRUCK & AUTO SERVICE, GARAGE/STORAGE, TIRE SHOP On Residential Loans for 1-4 Non-Owner Investment Properties we are direct to our investors who are well-qualified, accredited and actively seek to fund loans we specifically underwrite. • Fix & Flip [Rehab] or Fix & Hold • Probate Estate & Trust-owned Property • Blanket Loans (leverage existing SFR portfolios to unlock equity) • Portfolio Rental Loans (flexible guidelines & lending parameters) • Modular & Manufactured Units (need to own the land) HanoverMC is actively seeking funding opportunities. We underwrite, draw docs, and service all the loans we make with no upfront fees, and have the flexibility to quickly structure the right loan terms for your commercial or residential transaction needs. Call to discuss any unique circumstances you have, when Traditional Financing is not an Option! Contact us at: 714.838.1474 [email protected] CAL DRE 01077870 NMLS 258730 CAL DRE 01410448 NMLS 337458

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The purpose of the BiggerPockets’ company directory is to help our members find real estate investing resources near them. Members can best use the lending company directory in order to find local lenders that will assist in securing a loan. Once you have narrowed down a search by location each member can look through the list of results in order to find the best lender for them.

The section on the right hand side of all of the lender listings are displayed to help users qualify a lender. Here, members will be able to see the number of personal deals entered into their BiggerPockets profile and referrals by other members. In this section you will also see how active this lender is on the forums through seeing the number of posts and upvotes on those posts within the forums. The final portion will show you each lender’s specialization which will help you decide if this lender is a good fit for your real estate investing strategy.

Questions To Ask A Lender

Before you apply for a mortgage loan, there are some important questions you will want to ask your lender. These questions will help you feel confident in your decision to apply for a mortgage and the knowledge of your lender. Here are some questions you should ask your lender before applying for a loan:

Which type of loan is best for me?
Any good lender will want to know more about your financial situation before they give you an idea of which type of loan is best for you. There are all different types of loans out there and it is important to know they are finding the best loan for you. Make sure they are doing their due diligence before determining the best loan type for you.
How much house can I afford?
Before you are able to start seriously looking at homes, you will want to know how much house you can afford. There are more factors going into a loan than how much money you make, you may be surprised at how much or little you can afford! Make sure to get a clear idea from your lender before you start looking at homes to purchase.
What would my interest rate be?
A good interest rate is one of the most important factors when buying a home. Make sure you are clear on your interest rate and when you might be eligible to refinance into a new interest rate if your starting rate is higher than you would like.
Will I have to pay private mortgage insurance?
Depending on your loan type and how much money you are putting down, you may have to pay mortgage insurance.
What are all the costs I am responsible for?
Be sure that you understand what costs you are responsible for as a buyer. Aside from closing costs, there is also an inspection, appraisal and other costs during escrow that a buyer is typically responsible for.
What will my monthly payment be?
Based off of interest rate, down payment, loan type, mortgage insurance etc, your monthly payment will vary. Be sure you have a breakdown of what your final monthly payment will be.
What costs am I responsible for at closing?
It is hard to know the total cost of closing leading up to the day, but your lender should be able to give you a pretty good number of what you will be responsible for at closing.
Are there any other costs or fees I should be aware of?
There are plenty of fees associated with purchasing a home, be sure you know everything you will be responsible for during this process.
What else do you expect to need from me?
During this process there are a lot of documents, pay stubs, bank statements and more that your lender will need. It is always great to know up front what they might need so you have time to find those documents and deliver it to your lender on time.
Do I qualify for any grants or down payment assistance programs?
You may be surprised at how many grants and down payment assistance programs are out there! It’s your lender’s job to make sure you get the best mortgage loan and monthly payment. Make sure you ask the right questions to get the most affordable mortgage for you.

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