Real Estate Investing Over the Decades: An Interview with Jeff Brown

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Jeff BrownJeff Brown aka BawldGuy is a real estate investor and retirement planning specialist. In our interview (34:42 minutes), we talk about his career through the decades, how investing, financing, and the real estate markets have changed over that period, and delve into real estate investing with an eye on retirement.

Jeff is one of the sharpest guys in the real estate investing world and has lots of interesting things to share both in the interview, on his own site, and every Tuesday on the BiggerPockets Blog.

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Joshua Dorkin (@jrdorkin, Google+) founded when he saw a need for free, trustworthy information about real estate investing online. Over the past 12 years, Josh has grown the site from self-funded hobby to full-time job and passion. Today, BiggerPockets brings together over 850,000 members, housing the world’s largest library of real estate content, iTunes’ #1 real estate podcast, and an array of analysis tools, all geared toward helping users succeed.


  1. Great Interview guys! I’m really looking forward to the second addition with Jeff. Glad you didn’t cut the temporary insanity, I got a good chuckle! Great, great video! Thanks so much guys, you’re both priceless assets to those trying to come up through the RE / investing world!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Mark. I had to cut a but out due to temporary insanity on my part, and as you could see, I was definitely in full laugh mode in the dead center of the interview, but I think we got a TON of great info out of Jeff. It was fun and he’s a great guy!

  2. I really enjoyed the interview. As I continue to learn and begin my real estate investment journey, I hope to learn one day where all the rocks are so it will appear like I walk on water. I’ll be on the lookout for more interviews with Jeff. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    • Nice to see you on this side of the site, Will! Thanks for chiming in; I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. I’m not surprised that you remember Alpha Beta, given your aversion to tech 😉

      BTW – if you want a pic next to your comments here on the blog, set up an account on and get your mug linked to your email – you should do that on the site too . . . let people see your face! See you around!

  3. Hey Jeff,

    Great video. I noticed you mentioned Texas.There was a survey recently of the top 10 cities in growth for the nation. Texas had either 4 or 5 of them.

    My mom’s sister lives there and came to visit us in Georgia recently.She did state the economies are booming but there is a HUGE PROBLEM. Many parts of Texas are under water restrictions and they are experiencing big droughts.

    I know from my commercial development back ground that having little to no water kills development.So I am wondering what impact the drought will have with investing in those areas.

  4. Thanks for the interview Josh and Jeff. I’m looking forward to more.

    Jeff, do you recommend self directing IRAs and 401Ks and the investing in real estate? To avoid the tax and penalties from gutting them? Or do you discourage self direction because of the difficulty of getting leverage?

  5. Jeff Brown

    Hey Jon — It’s a person by persn thing, but the case can be easily made that the vast majority of folks should be out of those plans. There are exceptions obviously, but they tend to prove the rule.

    The crucial factor is almost always time.

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