The Best Books You Can Read To Succeed in Real Estate

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Knowledge = power. Knowledge comes from education. Education comes from resources. Resources are everywhere!

Easiest resource in my opinion? Books.

Why? Because they hold a lot of information in a small package. Another bonus to books? You get advice straight from experts’ mouths. Can you imagine how much you would have to pay to attend a seminar by an expert that was long enough to cover everything in their books? Or can you imagine trying to figure out how to stalk the experts and force them to teach you what they know? Yeah, good luck with that one.

Lucky for us, we can just buy their books! So what books should you buy? I’m opening the floor for everyone to chime in and give their suggestions as to what books you recommend for your fellow investors.

I’m including my personal recommendations. I don’t just read real estate books. I also read business and sales books because both of those aspects are key, in my opinion, for any successful real estate investing adventure. You are your own investor, so you need to have entrepreneurial skills, and there is so much involvement with sales, whether you are buying or talking to people who are, you can’t escape without needing some sales knowledge.

I’ve listed my Top 3 recommendations for each category. Yes, I admit Robert Kiyosaki is my tried and true author, not just for real estate knowledge but entrepreneurial and sales skills as well. I always say, “Don’t take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade shoes with,” which can be rephrased as “Take advice from people you would trade shoes with.” I would trade shoes with Robert any day. Therefore, I’ll read every book he offers (and I have read way more of his than I list here)!

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My Personal Recommendations

Top 3 Real Estate Investing Books

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki (seriously, no one can get away with not having read this one)
  2. Rich Dad’s Advisors: OPM: How to Attract Other People’s Money for Your Investments–The Ultimate Leverage , by Robert Kiyosaki
  3. The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing, by Robert Kiyosaki

Top 3 Entrepreneur Books

  1. The E-Myth Revisted, by Michael Gerber
  2. Never Get a “Real” Job: How to Dump Your Boss, Build a Business and Not Go Broke, by Scott Gerber
  3. Rich Dad’s Before You Quit Your Job: 10 Real-Life Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Building a Multimillion-Dollar Business , by Robert Kiyosaki, Sharon Lechter

Top 3 Sales Books

  1. Guerrilla Selling, by Orvel Ray Wilson
  2. Sales Dogs: You Do Not Have to Be an Attack Dog to Be Successful in Sales, by Blair Singer and Robert Kiyosaki
  3. How to Win Friends & Influence People, by Dale Carnegie (not a sales book specifically, but explains a lot that will help you in sales!)

Those are some of my favorites, but it’s far from an all-inclusive list. I also read a lot of mental growth books, so don’t forget to include those in your library as well.

What books do you recommend? The Must-Haves, the Can’t Live Withouts, and the Killer Recommendations! Name them.

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Ali Boone

Ali Boone(G+) left her corporate job as an Aeronautical Engineer to work full-time in Real Estate Investing. She began as an investor in 2011 and managed to buy 5 properties in her first 18 months using only creative financing methods. Her focus is on rental properties, specifically turnkey rental properties, and has also invested out of the country in Nicaragua.


  1. Clients First by Joseph and Joanne Callaway is a great book for realtors or anyone in sales.

    Millionaire real estate investor and millionaire real estate agent by Gary Keller are great books for agents and investors.

    Zig Ziglar’s books are all great for motivation and wealth.

    • Thanks, Mark! I have read a Zig Ziglar, Selling 101. Very short, but very insightful. I have seen the Millionaire books and was actually just recently wondering if the Millionaire Real Estate Investor would be a good read. I may have to pick that one up now! Thanks for the recommendations.

  2. Andy Teasley on

    Great offerings Ali!

    I enjoyed the Millionaire Next Door by Dr.Stanley

    I also like “How to Finance Any Real Estate Any Place Any Time” by James Misko

    By the way “The ABC’s of Real Estate” is by Ken McElroy. (I keep a copy by my desk for regular reference (Quickest way to figure cap rates on a purchase or sale offer)). While I enjoy Robert’s insperational writings, I don’t look to him for technical instruction such as you find in the ABCs. He did move me from the 97% of seminar attendees who do nothing into a full time investor with Rich Dad Poor Dad though.

    Andy Teasley.

    • Hey Andy, you’re totally right about Rich Dad. He doesn’t help much with the technical education of investing, but he definitely nails out the mindset required to succeed and get out of that 97% group. I’m definitely interested in checking out the book on financing. I’m convinced that the the bulk of being a real estate investor is learning how to find money! I know I’m always look for it. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. This one saved me $30k in taxes by properly valuing buildings vs land.
    Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors

    you can find it on

    though I would recommend these as well:
    How to Manage Residential Property for Maximum Cash Flow and Resale

    How to Increase the Value of Real Estate

    Residential Property Acquisition Handbook

    Fundamentals of Real Estate Finance

    Real Estate Investment Strategy (vols 1/2/3)

    Best Practices for the Intelligent Real Estate Investor

  4. oh, and I would make a comment on the other books the author and commenters referenced — they are mostly motivational books — while that’s all and good to get you thinking — in reality you need facts and tools to invest in Real Estate — and if you are near them, you need quite a bit of handyman in you — and lots of money to deal with the oh so common tenant flakes and toilets. It’s all about the math and your drive to get the job done.

    • Definitely Tim. No one person or author or mentor will provide you with all of the tools necessary for your own success. It’s up to you to find those, and any recommendations in that direction for anyone is welcomed!

      • i’ve always wanted to read think and grow rich. yesterday while looking at the book of bob proctor in a bookstore, it is said that it the book “think and grow rich” that started to change his life from a drop-out!! secrets of millionaire mind of T. Harv Eker is very excellent. i’ve just finished reading it just now.

  5. “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” – T. Harv Eker

    “The 4-Hour Workweek” – Timothy Ferriss

    “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor” -Gary Keller………I have almost as many of those little red plastic bookmarks in this one as there are pages.

    • Jeff, The 4-Hour Work Week is excellent! Tim Ferriss is great. Definitely someone I like to follow. Now that you mention the Millionaire Real Estate Investor too, I’m definitely going to have to check that one out. Haven’t heard of the other one but will look it up soon. Thanks!

    • Yaoo! It’s a great book, Paul! I hope you like it. I’ve actually read it twice. The discussion about explaining we all have a technician, a manager, and an entrepreneur within us is really cool and has helped me understand my transition out onto my own a lot better. Major key points in that book all around!

  6. Hello, I just saw your post about this real state, sales and bussines book recommendations, and I with to say is Thanks a lot for sharing them, also I would like to share a book that helps me a lot to relate with people, probably the best sales book I have real so far, it is called Getting More, authored by Stuart Diamond, who is a professional negociator, so I hope it helps everybody out, well thanks again!

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