BiggerPockets Podcast 127: How to Use a Partnership to Acquire (and Manage) 100+ Units with James Wise

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As you grow your real estate business, a partner can help you achieve incredible levels. That’s why today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we sit down with James Wise to talk about how he used a partnership to build his own investment portfolio, as well as build a thriving brokerage and property management business. In this interview, you’ll learn how James finds and screens tenants, uses BiggerPockets to raise money, and much more.

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In This Episode We Cover:

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  • How James got started with real estate
  • How he (unknowingly) house hacked his first property
  • How he moved on to his next deals
  • Tips on finding a business partner
  • Learning the hard way through trial and error
  • How James screens tenants now (and the mistakes he used to make!)
  • Valuable tips on finding partners
  • How he’s using BiggerPockets to grow his business
  • His take on starting a brokerage or real estate management company
  • Tips for real estate agents working with an investor
  • Where to get the cash to actually live while investing in real estate
  • And SO much more!

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  • “You’re always going to have vacancies. It’s part of the business.” (Tweet This!)

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  1. Darren Sager

    Yeah James is definitely part of the welcome committee here on BP! Fun Podcast guys! Great story James. It’s inspiring to hear about the success you’ve had. Just goes to show you that all those hours you’re putting in are producing results. Can’t imagine the cash flow you’ll have 20 years from now!

    And Josh’s recommendation about Draft Day is spot on. Great movie!

  2. Juan Cristales

    Excellent Podcast guys! James, you called me out on my “feeble” BP Profile… no picture… no posting… lackluster profile… I’ll get that corrected immediately. I’m always in awe of the BP guests and their success. ALL of YOU have certainly achieved a great deal of it thus far and I wish you CONTINUOUS “3-pointers,” in Game 6 vs. Cleveland, when you’re up 3 games to 2, for the championship! …too soon? too soon? Ok, seriously… On tenant screening: I’ve met people that have rented out their property on a handshake and I simply CRINGE at the thought of doing that now… but I have to admit, there was a time back when I too thought, “well, he seems like a real honest and nice dude.” WRONG! SCREEN THEM TENANTS!

    • James Wise

      Glad you enjoyed it Jaun. Glad to see your going to get that mug of yours on your BP profile!

      Back when I started I had no idea how to even go about doing a credit screen on tenants. It’s great that other new investors can come to sites like this and learn from the mistakes of others before making any costly mistakes of their own.

      I predict that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win it all next year.

  3. Kevin Elwood

    I have to admit, I have been here for awhile without a profile picture until hearing you talk about that. Mid podcast I posted my mug from my LinkedIn.

    On the other hand…..I am a disappointed Lakers fan! <–Almost shameful to admit these days.

  4. Peter Mckernan

    Hey James,

    I have made two deals, working on finding my first flip, and grabbed my real estate license last year. Also, I formed an LLC with two partners for the flips that we will be performing and formed an S-Corp for a property management company that I have started from scratch.

    The property management company is for myself to produce cash flow once I step away from my W-2 job, and the flips are for the increased capital for reinvestment to other deals.

    It’s been a great experience getting into the mindset of looking for deals and knowing what is good and what is bad. I want to that you again for welcoming me to the site!

    Keep up the great work!


  5. suzy pierchala

    Excellent podcast. James was one of the first investors to reach out to me as a newbie. He even sent me a detailed map of the city of Cleveland’s market cap rates. I was reminded from his podcast of this massive tool in my hands called Bigger Pockets. Looking forward to more from James!

  6. mike williams

    Great podcast as always guys. One thought about the reasons a real estate agent would want to develop that relationship with investors – the buy and hold guys do buy more often than traditional primary residence buyers, but quite a few investors want to flip it, at which point you get paid the higher, retail-priced commission as well. I love my investor clients, they buy often, flip some, keep some, and there is money to be made several ways with those guys…eventually, they will want you to partner with them too if you are a talented agent that understands the numbers.

    • James Wise

      Mike, exactly my thoughts on everything as well.

      In the podcast I mentioned that we own about 100 rental units. We also manage another 150ish rental units for other investors. Some of those properties that we own are owned in a partnership with people who are also our property management clients.

      After you help an investor buy several properties and act as their boots on the ground that trust really builds up and you can start doing joint ventures together.

  7. Mark Redmann

    Great content. I’m just starting out and feel like everything I do, I have done wrong! Just got to keep at it though. A lot of the podcast hit on things that I am or will be going through. Thanks for taking the time to record your podcast!

  8. raven dorminey

    Thanks for sharing your story and experience, James! I like how you jumped in and focused on one aspect and mastered it.
    I also have made the same mistakes and lucked out on them. Lessons learned. I let 2 brothers rent from me because ‘I liked them’ but quickly found they hated each other and I was left with the lazy one! Too Much Drama!
    SInce I got strict I have had no problems. It’s business. And I am glad I figured it out without a huge expense.

    Can’t wait to see more of your posts!

  9. Stephanie Dobbs

    Excellent podcast! As far as vacancy rates, area vacancy rates are stated on and states housing vacancies for rentals and home ownership. Such information can also be found on some county sites (through digging, depending upon how user friendly the county website is). July 8th, is hosting a webinar, which will show how to use the under construction and housing data that they provide.

    • James Wise


      Thanks for listening and providing all of that information on vacancy rate.
      Investors should note that I don’t know how reliable the information they are pulling from those sites is going to be. The reason I have my doubts about those sites being able to accurately provide that date is my company is running a portfolio of 250 or so units. When we have units go empty we are not reporting that date to anyone. So I don’t see how a site would be able to create an accurate number for an entire city.

  10. Stephanie Dobbs

    Mr. Wise,

    I understand what you mean. The omission of 250 units can greatly impact the reality of vacancy in an area! All the best to you in your endeavors! I look forward to building my portfolio to house as many units (and more), so thanks for the great information to help me get there.

  11. Doug Markworth

    I found BP a few weeks ago through the podcasts and recently joined. As I listen to many BP podcasts each week while driving I can honestly say this was a very good one with tons of helpful information. I am now telling lots of people about BP and this is one of the podcast I tell them not to miss Well done!

  12. Randy Campbell Sr

    Just listened to the podcast and was very impressed. James truly had some great advice. Being from Cleveland (Go Browns), I could relate to a lot of what he said. I learned that I househacked my first property back in 94. Also didn’t really think about not renting to people who were evicted some years ago, but will not do that. I’m just getting into investing and was going back and forth about a 4 suite apartment that is being sold by the owner. The owner said that all units are full, which I thought was good until I listened to this podcast. Now I’m thinking what a headache it might be to deal with 4 tenants somebody else put in. Thanks for the great advice. I also will be looking to use your companies services possibly.

  13. Braden Hobbs

    James, re-listening to the podcast and had a question for you. How did you structure your partnerships with investors providing the capital for the deals you and your main business partner were buying? Did you just pay interest on the loan until you could pay the capital back? Or did you give them profit share?

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