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Short sales occur when the loan on a property is greater than what the property can be sold for. Learn about this real estate strategy and what is entailed by discussing it here.

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Short Sale acquisition - positioning, strategy, information.
Started by Roy N.
3 Tiny_1399491137-avatar-grateful_grace Grace Widdicombe
3 days ago
BPO Agent Question
Started by Michael Moikeha
4 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Bill Gulley
5 days ago
What can go wrong?
Started by Isaac Schulman
5 Tiny_1399702913-avatar-top_end_props Phil Z.
6 days ago
Next step after 1st right of refusal.
Started by Jay WILLIAMS
0 No_avatar_tiny Jay WILLIAMS
16 days ago
short sale countered by neogotiator
Started by Spenser Harding
24 Tiny_1399702913-avatar-top_end_props Phil Z.
18 days ago
Short Sale Question
6 Tiny_1399702913-avatar-top_end_props Phil Z.
18 days ago
Risk in buying a short sale currently occupied by owner?
Started by Vonetta Booker
9 Tiny_1399679275-avatar-richhenryiii Jody Young
18 days ago
Trying to buy 5 Estate properties from my fathers estate in Indianapolis, Indiana
Started by David Rollings
4 Tiny_1398784765-avatar-wheatie Jon Holdman
18 days ago
When preparing for a short sale should you continue paying the mortgage?
Started by Adam K.
9 Tiny_1399696103-avatar-adam_k Adam K.
18 days ago
Ocwen short sale
Started by David E.
11 Tiny_1399702913-avatar-top_end_props Phil Z.
18 days ago
Ocwen Process today
Started by Chris Simmons
2 Tiny_1399702913-avatar-top_end_props Phil Z.
18 days ago
Can you wholesale a short sale
Started by Leon Duncan
5 Tiny_1399702913-avatar-top_end_props Phil Z.
18 days ago
Newbie needs advice on off-market property
Started by Dan Golden
2 No_avatar_tiny Brandon M.
19 days ago
After 7 Months offer finally accepted!! Question Now?
Started by Ciro LoCascio
9 Tiny_1399682855-avatar-clocascio Ciro LoCascio
27 days ago
Should I get a buyer's agent to make a short sale offer?
Started by Chuck Hollowell
6 Tiny_1409068008-avatar-oregonrealtor Kim Knox
about 1 month ago
Looking for a Short Sale Specialist in Richmond VA?
Started by Cass R. Smith
2 Tiny_1402616875-avatar-jondeavers Jon Deavers
about 1 month ago
Trustee Sale
Started by Eric Mitchell
2 Tiny_1405283372-avatar-naocl2 Eric Mitchell
about 1 month ago
Short sale of home bought before marriage
Started by Rafael Floresta
4 Tiny_1399674141-avatar-rafamvc Rafael Floresta
about 1 month ago
Getting Notice of Defaults - listing, buying short sales NODs targeting
Started by Diana Rozenfeld
1 Tiny_1402904327-avatar-josephz Joseph Zanazan
about 1 month ago
Anyone investor specialize in door knocking?
Started by Michael Sanders
5 Tiny_1399600048-avatar-rtpg1 Rick Harmon
about 1 month ago

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