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Short sales occur when the loan on a property is greater than what the property can be sold for. Learn about this real estate strategy and what is entailed by asking your questions here.

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Looking for a short sale expert experienced with Greentree
Started by Jeff Copeland
0 Tiny_1427313463-avatar-hjcopeland Last post by Jeff Copeland
2 days ago
Can you wholesale a short sale
Started by Leon Duncan
9 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Wayne Brooks
3 days ago
To Short Sale or Not To Short Sale That Is The Question?
Started by Frank F.
19 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Wayne Brooks
5 days ago
short sale approval expires close to escrow scheduled closing date.
Started by Sean Dougherty
2 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Wayne Brooks
7 days ago
Bank didn't foreclose properly - deal fell - next steps?
Started by Drew Denham
1 Tiny_1421453149-avatar-rons5 Last post by Ron Scribner
10 days ago
You ever dealt with Green Tree Financial...
Started by Tyron McDaniel
3 Tiny_1424581063-avatar-tyronm Last post by Tyron McDaniel
16 days ago
Short sale investors....
Started by Takeya Hill
2 Tiny_1428448244-avatar-danm16 Last post by Dan Mikolajczyk
18 days ago
Short Sale - L/O back to seller?
Started by Christopher Morin
3 Tiny_1421453149-avatar-rons5 Last post by Ron Scribner
19 days ago
My short sale dilemma
Started by Roy Vereen
3 Tiny_1398785941-avatar-wexeter Last post by Bill Exeter
19 days ago
Refunding a security deposit
Started by Mary Clark
1 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Mark Patel
20 days ago
Rental underwater, want to sell, would bank short? Other options?
Started by Larry Flanagan
6 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Larry Flanagan
27 days ago
Licensed Agent Representing and Buying Short Sale For Own LLC
Started by Robert Morgan
1 Tiny_1399544991-avatar-rbeland Last post by Rob Beland
29 days ago
Owner called, has not paid morg. in 4 1/2 months.
Started by Keith Belzner
4 Tiny_1421453149-avatar-rons5 Last post by Ron Scribner
29 days ago
Found a ShortSale property with big price reduction; what are the steps?
Started by Judy Lee
3 Tiny_1411158686-avatar-7differentways Last post by Steve Vaughan
about 1 month ago
What is the closest to a foreclosure you've heard of a bank postponing the sale?
Started by Kris Fox
16 Tiny_1427458717-avatar-foxten Last post by Kris Fox
about 1 month ago
Flipping a short sale in San Diego
Started by Patrick Parry
3 Tiny_1429985442-avatar-mrgenequity Last post by Bruce May
about 1 month ago
Learning about short sales
Started by Curtis Daniels
5 Tiny_1427100649-avatar-stevenp6 Last post by Steven Picker
about 1 month ago
Short Sales & HOA Dues Florida
Started by Beau Miller
4 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Wayne Brooks
about 1 month ago
Short sale tenant occupied
Started by Dena Zeid
3 Tiny_1399676858-avatar-sublimeone Last post by Patrick L.
about 1 month ago
Short Sale Questions
Started by Dennis Brody
6 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Wayne Brooks
about 1 month ago

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