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Eviction Occupant From Property After Sale
Started by Vincent Simone
4 No avatar tiny Last post by Vincent Simone
1 day ago
Buying properties in area with high foreclosure (yes/no)?
Started by Daria B.
5 Tiny 1437075886 avatar renewllc Last post by Daria B.
3 days ago
Beginner REO Hardmoney Question
Started by Ben Naughton
2 Tiny 1399419536 avatar tdspropertiesvt Last post by Tom S.
4 days ago
I'm looking for an investor friendly real estate agent.
Started by John Meza
0 Tiny 1429699591 avatar johnm7 Last post by John Meza
6 days ago
Homepath house with plumbing issue
Started by Jon Swift
12 Tiny 1399779986 avatar justinramani Last post by Justin Tahilramani
6 days ago
Question about REO / Bank Owned Pricing
Started by Mike Lynch
6 No avatar tiny Last post by Mike Lynch
7 days ago
Going after off market REO's
Started by Bradley Sriro
5 Tiny 1437408114 avatar bradleys7 Last post by Bradley Sriro
7 days ago
Problems with homeowners insurance for a REO needing work
Started by Jake Recz
3 Tiny 1420748539 avatar derekl Last post by Derek Lacy
7 days ago
1st post been on the outside looking in for awhile: First offer - Short sale offer ended in foreclosure
Started by Drake Siegel
7 No avatar tiny Last post by Drake Siegel
8 days ago
"No utilities for Appraisal" Bank Owned Property / Advise? / Shared Experiences?
Started by Joey Palmer
4 Tiny 1417572987 avatar bronxlandlord Last post by Kate H.
12 days ago
Transfering accepted offer to different name
Started by Solomon Bluzenstein
3 Tiny 1436144247 avatar sol stein Last post by Solomon Bluzenstein
14 days ago
Hubzu- is it for real?
Started by Sarah Raulerson
9 Tiny 1434029053 avatar futre Last post by Javier Marchena
14 days ago
1st Offer on REO Property just sent in...( 1st Property Ever )
Started by Mark Rogozinski
17 Tiny 1437950866 avatar terryanddavidho Last post by Terry Hoefer
16 days ago
Started by Gregory Boudle
2 Tiny 1435721977 avatar cristales Last post by Juan Cristales
17 days ago
Lender listed HOA in Lis Pendens, but there was no HOA lien filed. HELP !!
Started by Dexter Dean
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Dexter Dean
18 days ago
How to structure this offer under a deadline
Started by Paula Shaheen
1 Tiny 1399714826 avatar scorpio4u Last post by Justin Jocewicz
20 days ago
Newbie in first deal with unknown lien
Started by Greg Smith
2 Tiny 1423899005 avatar mysolo401k Last post by Mark Nolan
20 days ago
Is This A Good Deal from an REO "Consultant"?
Started by Gary Freidman
9 Tiny 1414952008 avatar southwick Last post by Craig Hanlon
22 days ago
REO Process
Started by Alan Day
4 Tiny 1399699196 avatar benrei1 Last post by Mary B.
23 days ago

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