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Cirumvent the 90 day Fannie Mae deed restriction
Started by Uriel Gonzalez
59 Tiny_1412557279-avatar-jasonscott Last post by J Scott
1 day ago
Buying a Foreclosure REO
Started by Josh Moore
1 No_avatar_tiny Last post by David S.
1 day ago
Is REO inventory overpriced everywhere?
Started by Gary Marcotte
54 Tiny_1404527817-avatar-cfleet25 Last post by Cameron Norfleet
2 days ago
How do I serve the Bank of America
Started by Katharine Chartrand
62 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Bob Beeler
4 days ago
Undecided Exit Strategy from a REO property
Started by Anthony Benjamin
2 Tiny_1425665962-avatar-anthonyb10 Last post by Anthony Benjamin
5 days ago
Buying REO
Started by David Shives
0 Tiny_1399399742-avatar-dmshives Last post by David Shives
5 days ago
When will the 2nd mortgagor foreclose ?
Started by Dexter Dean
1 Tiny_1399550311-avatar-mjcbusiness Last post by Mike Campbell
5 days ago
Started by Gregory Boudle
0 Tiny_1425060093-avatar-gregoryb3 Last post by Gregory Boudle
6 days ago
Do I need an Agent
Started by Jason Farr
0 Tiny_1406754723-avatar-jayfarr Last post by Jason Farr
7 days ago
Identifying LEINS
Started by Jason Farr
5 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Wayne Brooks
8 days ago
Fannie Mae- 90 Day Rule
Started by David Mitro
13 Tiny_1409704273-avatar-dmitro25 Last post by David Mitro
8 days ago
Buying REO from JP Morgan Chase/ US Bank NA
Started by Mitchell L.
8 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Wayne Brooks
12 days ago
Financing REO for rehab/flip
Started by Jeremy Bloom
4 Tiny_1399708321-avatar-shepnerd Last post by Darrell Shepherd
14 days ago
Started by Joseph Legnard
12 Tiny_1409592580-avatar-chevy37s Last post by Mark Elliott
15 days ago
acquiring unlisted properties (reo's)
Started by Stephanie Fay
6 Tiny_1427778813-avatar-pmartin Last post by P. Martin
15 days ago
About to pull the trigger: Questions about making first rental specific purchases
Started by Victor Morgan
1 Tiny_1420311569-avatar-acaciacapital Last post by Ryan A.
15 days ago
Almost Milwaukee pricing
Started by Roy N.
8 Tiny_1399729280-avatar-monarda Last post by Tanya F.
16 days ago
How to find cash buyers on MLS?
Started by Aaron Schwartz
13 Tiny_1426896403-avatar-jessiec Last post by Jessie Chang
17 days ago
Can't evict squatter
Started by Tim Walls
118 Tiny_1399478930-avatar-michaelborger Last post by Michael Borger
17 days ago

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