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Closing on a Homesearch Property in Florida?
Started by Mark Bosworth
4 Tiny_1415286634-avatar-chey15 Last post by Cheyenne Davis
3 days ago
Homesearch Auction
Started by Jordan Marshall
7 Tiny_1399784435-avatar-lkohl Last post by Lisa Kohl
4 days ago
Activating Utilities in Buyers name?
Started by Matt Overbee
14 Tiny_1430851448-avatar-tiffanyb2 Last post by Tiffany Buoni
6 days ago
Action to REO
Started by Chris Viola
6 Tiny_1431048761-avatar-sheridanasset Last post by Xavier Randall
7 days ago
Investing in Bulk REO 2015 and Beyond...?
Started by Thomas Brown
5 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Diego Sam
9 days ago
Lost contact with Hubzu title company, can't reach a single person
Started by Danyang Li
1 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Keith Hubzu
9 days ago
Freddie Mac home is now up for Tax Sale
Started by Jason Krick
0 Tiny_1417897192-avatar-wolfies30 Last post by Jason Krick
10 days ago
Undecided Exit Strategy from a REO property
Started by Anthony Benjamin
4 Tiny_1422013031-avatar-maxt2 Last post by Max Tanenbaum
10 days ago
Buying REO from JP Morgan Chase/ US Bank NA
Started by Mitchell L.
9 Tiny_1404847496-avatar-elizabethaglaea Last post by Elizabeth Dawan-Abdullah
10 days ago
Binghamton REO Buyer Agents
Started by Abdul-Rahman Lediju
2 Tiny_1404331947-avatar-chris_stanis Last post by Christopher Stanis
12 days ago
Who Controls This Property and How do I Contact Them?
Started by Taylor Hupfeld
1 Tiny_1399748479-avatar-bcouture73 Last post by Bob Couture
13 days ago
Buy REO MF w/ Hard Money, Rehab, Refi & Hold?
Started by Will Melton
3 Tiny_1398784765-avatar-wheatie Last post by Jon Holdman
16 days ago
Hubzu closing advice
Started by Cooper B.
11 Tiny_1409592580-avatar-chevy37s Last post by Mark Elliott
16 days ago
Occupied REO on Hubzu
Started by Thomas Hallensleben
3 Tiny_1399515950-avatar-marianlibrarian Last post by Marian Smith
16 days ago
Can I control a property with no money down with a REO listed with Keller Williams
Started by William Deltoro
5 Tiny_1399759194-avatar-jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
19 days ago
Wholesaling REO
Started by Marylin Cavalie
4 Tiny_1399784435-avatar-lkohl Last post by Lisa Kohl
19 days ago
Cirumvent the 90 day Fannie Mae deed restriction
Started by Uriel Gonzalez
71 Tiny_1430618300-avatar-ccwong Last post by Che Chiu Wong
19 days ago
Is REO inventory overpriced everywhere?
Started by Gary Marcotte
62 Tiny_1399708321-avatar-shepnerd Last post by Darrell Shepherd
21 days ago
How I can get finance for a house that I won at auction , occupied by previous owner
Started by Jhonny Paulino
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Jhonny Paulino
22 days ago

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