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Learn and discuss how to invest in REOs
Note: This is not the area to solicit business, or deals. It is only for the discussion of REOs.

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Success Partnering With Local Institutions
Started by Mack Schicktanz
4 Tiny_1399767029-avatar-buyitnow Maurice Miller
3 days ago
Buying REO from Citi
Started by Jason King
8 Tiny_1399348737-avatar-stevebabiak Steve Babiak
3 days ago
Undisclosed underground oil tank!
Started by Vonetta Booker
8 Tiny_1400514418-avatar-vonbook Vonetta Booker
3 days ago
Tips on negotiating with Fannie Mae
Started by Satha Palani
1 Tiny_1406302059-avatar-greeneggmedia Lance Johnson
5 days ago
How do I serve the Bank of America
Started by Katharine Chartrand
61 Tiny_1399788051-avatar-kchartra Katharine Chartrand
6 days ago
Bulk REOs
Started by Ky Sharp
5 Tiny_1398787602-avatar-clark22 Carl Clark
6 days ago
Getting Fannie Mae to fix a minor issue
Started by Randy Murphy
6 No_avatar_tiny Randy Murphy
6 days ago
Bank owned
Started by Bryan Neal
1 No_avatar_tiny Holly Rust
7 days ago
Crazy HomePath Price
Started by Holly Rust
0 No_avatar_tiny Holly Rust
7 days ago
REO Price
Started by Holly Rust
18 Tiny_1399717480-avatar-cashnotebuyer Joe Gore
7 days ago
my first online auction won....intense!
Started by John D.
25 Tiny_1399778695-avatar-allfree John D.
9 days ago
Found a house, Forclosed by BoA, County says BoA owns, but they claim they don't own it??
Started by Brandon Woll
8 No_avatar_tiny Wayne Brooks
9 days ago
Right of Redemption in the State of Alabama
Started by Carey Dodson
4 Tiny_1399741692-avatar-cdodson Carey Dodson
11 days ago
Bidding on occupied property
Started by Steve E.
40 Tiny_1399649407-avatar-cirrusav8or Brian Burke
15 days ago Occupied Property - but no one lives there.
Started by David Ostrow
4 No_avatar_tiny David Ostrow
15 days ago
How to Buy My Neighbors Foreclosure???
Started by Chad Johnson
10 Tiny_1399308243-avatar-cucaloco Steve L.
16 days ago
Occupied Home Auctioned Off
Started by Jatin Shah
2 No_avatar_tiny Wayne Brooks
16 days ago
HomePath Loans
Started by Mark S.
24 Tiny_1405186326-avatar-cbors Christian Bors
18 days ago
Activating Utilities in Buyers name?
Started by Matt Overbee
8 Tiny_1399730864-avatar-obee45 Matt Overbee
21 days ago

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