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Learn and discuss how to invest in REOs
Note: This is not the area to solicit business, or deals. It is only for the discussion of REOs.

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Started by Jacob Colvin
6 Tiny_1399436910-avatar-blackbelt Joel Owens
2 days ago
Purchasing an Occupied bank REO property, anyone with experience in this Regard?
Started by Tyrone Smith
7 Tiny_1407895017-avatar-titanty Tyrone Smith
2 days ago
Cirumvent the 90 day Fannie Mae deed restriction
Started by Uriel Gonzalez
5 Tiny_1399704329-avatar-recaps Joe Villeneuve
2 days ago
homepath-1 week no respose!
5 Tiny_1415369536-avatar-txinvestor14 MONICA WATSON
3 days ago
Is REO inventory overpriced everywhere?
Started by Gary Marcotte
47 Tiny_1410367433-avatar-isaacrowe Isaac Rowe
4 days ago
Online Auctions
Started by Jason Borowy
3 Tiny_1412212643-avatar-bmann Brandon M.
5 days ago
Hiring the Right Contractors
Started by Dan Carignan
4 Tiny_1415367579-avatar-uglyhouse Nicholas Miller
9 days ago
Freddie Mac/HomeSteps -
Started by Julie Kern
6 Tiny_1414953739-avatar-gashmo Gaurav Mohile
14 days ago
Buying a Fannie Mae owned property using hard money?
Started by Chris Robertson
5 Tiny_1407699139-avatar-paulkelly523 Paul Kelly
15 days ago
Home path discounts
Started by James Ramsey
5 Tiny_1407699139-avatar-paulkelly523 Paul Kelly
15 days ago
Why won't the banks "deal"?
Started by Tracey Marzich
7 Tiny_1413300636-avatar-investfourmore Mark Ferguson
16 days ago
Bank owned vacants
Started by Audrey Truesdale
9 Tiny_1407596318-avatar-nynjaapavestor1 Gloria Dulan-Wilson
18 days ago
Buying a REO but I have a defaulted loan with the selling bank
Started by Juan Rodriguez
2 No_avatar_tiny Wayne Brooks
20 days ago
Right of Redemption in the State of Alabama
Started by Carey Dodson
5 Tiny_1414725502-avatar-dd251 Dee Dee Huey
20 days ago
How to Check Offer Status on a Foreclosed House
Started by Emerson Miranda
4 Tiny_1404579906-avatar-savehouses Gerald Harris
25 days ago
Fannie Mae Anti-Flip Enforcement and Monitoring
Started by Chris Pappas
5 Tiny_1413490828-avatar-chrispappas9323 Chris Pappas
25 days ago
Financing with Termite Damage?
Started by Mark Bosworth
2 Tiny_1413808912-avatar-rogerboz Mark Bosworth
25 days ago
Owned by Credit Union
Started by Frank M.
2 No_avatar_tiny Frank M.
25 days ago
Fannie Mae cancellation problem
Started by John Pitts
4 Tiny_1411837180-avatar-davidsong David Song
30 days ago

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