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Dealing with your fears. Overcoming the excuses. Motivating yourself and each other to invest. Stop hiding your money under your mattress!

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too many houses for sale on the same street
Started by Eli M.
2 Tiny_1399523385-avatar-ralph215 Last post by Ralph Pena
about 8 hours ago
WOMEN IN RE: Comfortable going to meetups? Improvements?
Started by J. Martin
23 Tiny_1399744776-avatar-propertygeek Last post by Erin A.
about 12 hours ago
When The Maintenance "Gremlins" Hit, They Really Hit!
Started by Andy Collins
6 Tiny_1399587342-avatar-andydallas Last post by Andy Collins
about 22 hours ago
What kind of car do you drive?
Started by Jeff Sims
273 Tiny_1404019597-avatar-delon_hall Last post by Delon Hall
about 24 hours ago
Highest bidder on auction, what now?
Started by Kathy Lu
43 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Matt Bailey
1 day ago
Becoming A Millionaire Is A Letdown
Started by Bryan Hancock
20 Tiny_1423380628-avatar-charleswor212 Last post by Charles Worth
1 day ago
Investor Poll: What is successful?
Started by Jedd Braunwarth
2 Tiny_1399781474-avatar-jedd325 Last post by Jedd Braunwarth
3 days ago
Too much knowledge here - how to make a right choice?
Started by Galina Derevyanko
9 Tiny_1423292287-avatar-bhekizwe Last post by Bhekizwe M.
3 days ago
Buying a property that's up for sale
Started by Nanette Miller
5 Tiny_1423292287-avatar-bhekizwe Last post by Bhekizwe M.
3 days ago
I'm psyched out!
Started by Chris Duzan
18 Tiny_1423292287-avatar-bhekizwe Last post by Bhekizwe M.
3 days ago
Are you open minded?
Started by Chris L.
13 Tiny_1399320400-avatar-lex Last post by Chris L.
3 days ago
What do yo think this means?
Started by Nick Noon
2 Tiny_1399676395-avatar-exceller7 Last post by Bill Neves
3 days ago
Equities are hot Potato - Is RE next?
Started by Ben Leybovich
8 Tiny_1427160345-avatar-verna Last post by Verna M.
4 days ago
Bigger Pockets has decreased the number of "idiots" in RE Investing
Started by Cal C.
9 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Randy E.
4 days ago
The draw of the guru events?
Started by Jim Hartmann
15 Tiny_1423292287-avatar-bhekizwe Last post by Bhekizwe M.
4 days ago
What's your favorite Warren Buffett Quote/Lesson?
Started by Michael Rogers
18 Tiny_1423292287-avatar-bhekizwe Last post by Bhekizwe M.
5 days ago
Why Do Most Investors Fail To Buy A single Property?
Started by Toyin Dawodu
103 Tiny_1422207305-avatar-alexhamilton8 Last post by Alex Hamilton
5 days ago
When to Stop Buying Property
Started by Kate B.
9 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Kate B.
8 days ago
21 Ways Rich People Think Differently Than Average People
Started by Bryan Hancock
32 Tiny_1426965716-avatar-mjg2015 Last post by Michael Gabrieli
8 days ago

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