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Dealing with your fears. Overcoming the excuses. Motivating yourself and each other to invest. Stop hiding your money under your mattress!

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offer rejected
Started by Jennifer Lee
0 Tiny 1399666228 avatar apirlrain Last post by Jennifer Lee
about 3 hours ago
Nebraska investors -- do you invest in your backyard?
Started by Pei Pei Siau-Cronin
1 Tiny 1415269499 avatar joshnix Last post by Josh Nix
1 day ago
​The best case for buying apartment buildings ever!!
Started by Tristan C.
11 Tiny 1415543813 avatar pontifex Last post by Crystal Smith
1 day ago
Best areas to spend marketing dollars???
Started by Ofer Dadon
23 Tiny 1431375495 avatar ofer123 Last post by Ofer Dadon
4 days ago
What is your daily routine like?
Started by Dominic Lobban
0 Tiny 1432176925 avatar dominicl Last post by Dominic Lobban
5 days ago
Which do you choose?
Started by Aaron Mazzrillo
23 Tiny 1432256363 avatar fumblefind Last post by Reed Starkey
5 days ago
From Research to Taking Action! A Mindset Shift
Started by John DeWitt
4 Tiny 1435721977 avatar cristales Last post by Juan Cristales
5 days ago
One BusinessInsider's take on Never buying a home again
Started by Nathan Yee
1 Tiny 1417630911 avatar kctonyg Last post by Anthony G.
6 days ago
What kind of car do you drive?
Started by Jeff Sims
312 Tiny 1434680118 avatar tellesio Last post by Christopher Telles
6 days ago
International Investments: What is your opinion?
Started by Richmond Jasper Cu
13 Tiny 1434702565 avatar danb28 Last post by Dan Baker
7 days ago
Is emotions the biggest threat for you?
Started by Chris Villalobos
1 Tiny 1415269499 avatar joshnix Last post by Josh Nix
9 days ago
Ramsey and Kiyosaki Are Wrong: Why You Should Finance Depreciating Liabilities
Started by Brendan Morin
20 Tiny 1428290589 avatar moneymakingmom Last post by Raven Dorminey
10 days ago
The Softest Generation
Started by Marcus Hendren
8 Tiny 1419403715 avatar jomelrose Last post by Joe Moore
11 days ago
Got toys?
Started by Leonid Sapronov
16 Tiny 1399659828 avatar zora Last post by Leonid Sapronov
11 days ago
Can you have everything you want in real estate if you help enough other people?
Started by Vincent Aiello
8 Tiny 1433398250 avatar reiskills Last post by Brian Gibbons
11 days ago
How did Detroit go broke? Why did property values decline in Detroit? What about Chicago?
Started by Sid Franklin
3 Tiny 1399679934 avatar anishtolia Last post by Anish Tolia
12 days ago
Capital Confidence Barometer
Started by Wanda Halpert
0 Tiny 1399608729 avatar wandahalpert Last post by Wanda Halpert
14 days ago
How to calculate Net worth?
Started by Bhanu Paruchuri
3 Tiny 1425595084 avatar hasemann Last post by Mike H.
14 days ago
If you were going to drop 5k on a car what would it be?
Started by Ryan D.
93 Tiny 1434057204 avatar ryanr15 Last post by Ryan Rupnarain
17 days ago

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