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This is the place to discuss international investment. Want to know more about property investing in a country other than the United States? Just ask.

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Buying Real Estate in Puerto Rico
Started by Zach Adams
1 Tiny 1421261545 avatar timgordon Last post by Tim G.
30 minutes ago
Is Anyone Wholesaling or Doing Direct Marketing Internationaly?
Started by Harry Asnien
28 Tiny 1428522234 avatar michaelo13 Last post by Michael Oliphant
3 days ago
WeChat on BP
Started by Mark Shaffar
8 Tiny 1432214463 avatar dmitri l Last post by Dmitri L.
4 days ago
Licensed Texas Realtor Looking to work with overseas investors
Started by Eboni Taylor
6 Tiny 1430960641 avatar samvan Last post by Sam Van Horebeek
6 days ago
Regulations for cross-bored real estate investing in the EU
Started by Josh Barnes
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Josh Barnes
8 days ago
Puerto rico deal
Started by Nick S.
0 Tiny 1417637687 avatar nspade001 Last post by Nick S.
8 days ago
Buying Cuban Homes, Uncharted Waters
Started by Lucian Harris-Gallahue
5 Tiny 1399663143 avatar investorinnc Last post by Henri M
13 days ago
buying in Baja
Started by Stephanie Fay
1 No avatar tiny Last post by James K.
13 days ago
International and offshore LLC structuring
Started by Thierry Van Roy
5 Tiny 1399696077 avatar noordam Last post by Erik Noordam
14 days ago
Purchasing Empty land for flipping or commercial development
Started by Jegan Basha
2 Tiny 1399764776 avatar munic77 Last post by Jegan Basha
16 days ago
Why to invest in a foreign market.
Started by Andrea P.
2 Tiny 1399861476 avatar rthomas986 Last post by Richelle T.
16 days ago
special consideration for investing overseas
Started by Keith Kennedy
1 Tiny 1404290175 avatar nukuhiva Last post by Isabelle W.
17 days ago
Buying property in Sicily
Started by Michael Lemieux
7 Tiny 1399691590 avatar sirpolex Last post by Andrea P.
22 days ago
Any investors in the UK (RAF Lakenheath/mildenhall area)
Started by Daniel Inglis
2 No avatar tiny Last post by Daniel Inglis
26 days ago
Germany - any active investors around?
Started by Sebastian Koellner
4 Tiny 1430464969 avatar flos Last post by Flo Schn
29 days ago
Started by Richard Rheker
2 Tiny 1430464969 avatar flos Last post by Flo Schn
29 days ago
Large Deposits on Apartments
Started by Marcus Coleman
18 Tiny 1424979173 avatar neilg1 Last post by Neil G.
about 1 month ago
Canadian buying in Chile
Started by Wes Derequito
3 Tiny 1429240672 avatar dominicj Last post by Dominic Jones
about 1 month ago
Best Offshore Residential/Vacation Locations
Started by Kenneth G.
9 No avatar tiny Last post by Kenneth G.
about 1 month ago

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