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This is the place to discuss international investment. Want to know more about property investing in another country? Just ask.

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Real-estate investing in Europe
Started by Kate Williamson
2 Tiny_1399696077-avatar-noordam Erik Noordam
1 day ago
Investing in the UK - Is it a good time or bad?
Started by David Clinton
0 Tiny_1406644886-avatar-dave_c123 David Clinton
1 day ago
Military Community Rental Investments
Started by Anthony Cornett
7 Tiny_1399356220-avatar-brandonatbp Brandon Turner
10 days ago
St Croix USVI
Started by Alberto Furet
0 No_avatar_tiny Alberto Furet
19 days ago
Exchanging Foreign Property?
Started by Gregg Gannett
1 Tiny_1399436910-avatar-blackbelt Joel Owens
28 days ago
Apple Numbers App
Started by David G
0 Tiny_1402782015-avatar-ryu David G
about 1 month ago
International properties
Started by Brian Jones
8 Tiny_1399674926-avatar-vernonville Eric Tait
about 1 month ago
International Financing
Started by Donald M.
5 Tiny_1399780546-avatar-ronix Ronald Cvetkovic
about 1 month ago
Environmental requirements impacting the future of REI?
Started by Thierry Van Roy
3 Tiny_1398784765-avatar-wheatie Jon Holdman
about 1 month ago
Help needed in vetting investment plantation property in Brazil
Started by Fred Stevenson
2 Tiny_1399655175-avatar-jeng7400 James Eng
about 1 month ago
Non-immigrant status and real estate agent license
Started by Christophe Amet
1 Tiny_1399765683-avatar-kctonyg Anthony G.
about 1 month ago
Started by Lodewijk Hof
1 Tiny_1399292835-avatar-venomousviper Rich Weese
2 months ago
Buying property in Sicily
Started by Michael Lemieux
6 Tiny_1399693662-avatar-newbie2long Michael Lemieux
3 months ago
What is the scope of Real Estate Happenings in UAE on BiggerPockets?
Started by Ameen Al Qudsi
4 Tiny_1399784219-avatar-nationwide Ameen Al Qudsi
3 months ago
Investing in Dubai, UAE
Started by Brent Davidson
8 Tiny_1399784219-avatar-nationwide Ameen Al Qudsi
3 months ago
Getting a loan in France?
Started by Marc Dufour
2 Tiny_1399535715-avatar-locutus9 Kerry Baird
4 months ago
Buying a chateau in france?
Started by Marc Dufour
3 Tiny_1399721399-avatar-thierry Thierry Van Roy
4 months ago
BiggerPockets German Users on board?
Started by Hubert Drantner
6 Tiny_1399771275-avatar-luchtg Greg Lucht
4 months ago
Marketing to investors outside my area
Started by John Britt
3 No_avatar_tiny Sunny Gupta
5 months ago

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