Foreigners Buying in the USA

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Our friends from outside the USA now have a place where they can discuss and learn more about property investing in the states.

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Brazilian National and Buying in the US
Started by Michael Carbonare
11 Tiny_1404792139-avatar-jaen Jae N Noh
7 days ago
Foreigner Funded Flipping
Started by Elan A.
0 No_avatar_tiny Elan A.
8 days ago
Canadian purchasing in the states with friends
Started by Calvin Chan
1 Tiny_1405705587-avatar-12figures Matthew Lee
9 days ago
Property Management nightmare Columbus
Started by Ram Srinivasan
19 Tiny_1402889848-avatar-mrhanson Marc Hanson
13 days ago
Detroit - How Bad is it Really??
Started by Jerry Brown
15 Tiny_1399782946-avatar-jsfarmer Jason Farmer
about 1 month ago
Canadian Interested in Purchasing in the US
Started by Jarrod English
28 Tiny_1403625157-avatar-ashleylwisch Ashley Wisch
about 1 month ago
Do I need an ITIN for wholesaling from overseas?
Started by Scott Willoghby
7 Tiny_1402382263-avatar-willoghby Scott Willoghby
about 1 month ago
Canadians Investing In Indianapolis
Started by Charles Hill
14 Tiny_1398858677-avatar-marcosantarelli Marco Santarelli
2 months ago
Investing Internationally
Started by Account Closed
32 Tiny_1399779325-avatar-itchycow Walter Ichikawa-Doyle
2 months ago
To trust or not to trust
Started by Ronald Cvetkovic
20 Tiny_1399716588-avatar-engelorumora Engelo Rumora
2 months ago
Finacing and managing properties for out of country investor
Started by Steve F.
10 No_avatar_tiny Steve F.
2 months ago
Locating Buyers
Started by Steven Gilbert
2 Tiny_1399918677-avatar-arky33 Steven Gilbert
2 months ago
Started by Lodewijk Hof
4 Tiny_1399586972-avatar-donuts Rick Baggenstoss
2 months ago
Learning to buy in USA from Croatia
Started by Ronald Cvetkovic
13 Tiny_1399654114-avatar-jdwlaw Jerry W.
3 months ago
Looking for a GC in Dallas
Started by William Walker
3 Tiny_1399780869-avatar-dwcproperty Darrell Calhoun
4 months ago
Transferring Funds from China?
Started by Herman Cheung
14 Tiny_1399750497-avatar-layover_guy Mohit Madaan
5 months ago
Foreign Investor (family) guidance
Started by Justin Maghen
4 Tiny_1399750497-avatar-layover_guy Mohit Madaan
5 months ago
Foreign wholesaling!
Started by Thanh Nguyen
5 Tiny_1399716588-avatar-engelorumora Engelo Rumora
6 months ago
foreigner investing in U.S, what are the tax issues?
Started by Vivian C
7 Tiny_1399502465-avatar-stevenhamilton Steven Hamilton II
6 months ago

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