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Foreigners Buying in the USA

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Our friends from outside the USA now have a place where they can discuss and learn more about property investing in the states.

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Investing in Lincoln Nebraska - UK Citizen needing advice
Started by Ess Dee
22 Tiny 1441075997 avatar jeangot Last post by Jean G.
about 7 hours ago
Canadians with experience investing in Turnkey US Real Estate
Started by William Wong
2 No avatar tiny Last post by William Wong
2 days ago
Reference for Turnkey companies: Elite Invest, Memphis Invest
Started by William Wong
28 Tiny 1438996650 avatar honobob Last post by Bob Bowling
4 days ago
Advice needed from local Detroit please, thanks!
Started by Janann Chan
5 Tiny 1437042064 avatar janannc Last post by Janann Chan
6 days ago
Based out of Canada and interested in US Real Estate
Started by William Wong
21 Tiny 1430254434 avatar hipsterali Last post by Ali Boone
7 days ago
Best handmade Handicraft by Indians
Started by Account Closed
0 -
Which market to invest in, if you could choose from entire country?
Started by Mohit Madaan
11 No avatar tiny Last post by Kara Haney
14 days ago
Refinancing as a Foreigner
Started by Rahul Mittal
1 Tiny 1432963388 avatar mr timsmith Last post by Timothy Smith
15 days ago
Started by Jon Krachenfels
6 Tiny 1432148837 avatar jkrachenfels Last post by Jon Krachenfels
16 days ago
Started by Milan Sanghvi
11 Tiny 1419911497 avatar craigb2 Last post by Craig Brooksby
22 days ago
Looking for a lender for Canadian buyers purchasing in Illinois
Started by Joe Mueller
0 Tiny 1400417745 avatar jmueller Last post by Joe Mueller
23 days ago
Lenders in the U.S. For Canadian buyers??
Started by Joe Mueller
0 Tiny 1400417745 avatar jmueller Last post by Joe Mueller
23 days ago
Investing out of area - legal protections.
Started by William Wong
13 Tiny 1413302961 avatar chad urbshott Last post by Chad Urbshott
27 days ago
Needing some advice please for Chicago
Started by Peter Appla
15 Tiny 1399739134 avatar briebrian Last post by Brie Schmidt
about 1 month ago
Looking Dutch investors
Started by Jacques Wurms
6 Tiny 1439545034 avatar gregflynn Last post by Greg F.
about 1 month ago
Where rents are rising (and falling) the fastest
Started by Antonio Ferguson
3 Tiny 1434084907 avatar antoniof1 Last post by Antonio Ferguson
about 1 month ago
Chinese Stock Market Crash Good or Bad for US Housing Market in Big Cities?
Started by Frank Jiang
4 Tiny 1430960641 avatar samvan Last post by Sam Van Horebeek
about 1 month ago
Canadian exploring in investing in US
Started by Duncan Lai
20 Tiny 1439165384 avatar dennischingky Last post by Dennis Marcelo
about 1 month ago
wholesalers in Houston
Started by Mick Mimnaugh
3 Tiny 1399444343 avatar bcaztx Last post by Bil Casimir
about 1 month ago

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