Foreigners Buying in the USA

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Our friends from outside the USA now have a place where they can discuss and learn more about property investing in the states.

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Investing in Detroit ?
Started by Christophe Noualhat
24 Tiny_1420297893-avatar-engelorumora Last post by Engelo Rumora
1 day ago
International funds question
Started by Kimberly Ashkenazi
5 Tiny_1401195785-avatar-seifertkh Last post by Kimberly Ashkenazi
5 days ago
American Expats Investing in the United States
Started by Michael McFarlane
6 Tiny_1426767679-avatar-mcfarlane Last post by Michael McFarlane
7 days ago
Client is looking for business loan in Tampa Bay
Started by William Johnson
1 Tiny_1425488417-avatar-thomasl4 Last post by Thomas Lorini
16 days ago
Buying properties through Auction
Started by Silviane Harris
2 Tiny_1425780604-avatar-silviane Last post by Silviane Harris
21 days ago
Great fix and flip properties/fix and holds available in Southeast Wisconsin
Started by Steve Petersen
0 Tiny_1399466722-avatar-steveopat Last post by Steve Petersen
28 days ago
Questions on Investing from Abroad as a Foreigner
Started by Tim Uittenbroek
8 Tiny_1425063477-avatar-blueskyahead Last post by Sky Mikesell
30 days ago
Foreign Investor Questions
Started by Shaun Lapsley
12 Tiny_1425063477-avatar-blueskyahead Last post by Sky Mikesell
30 days ago
Any BP readers in the Philippines?
Started by D K.
1 Tiny_1415626370-avatar-nickson Last post by Nickson Rio
about 1 month ago
Operating 2nd Lien Non Performing Notes
Started by Colin Green
7 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Last post by Bill G.
about 1 month ago
Foreign Investors in the USA and Getting Approved For Conventional Financing.
Started by Jerry Padilla
0 Tiny_1400738511-avatar-jerrypadilla Last post by Jerry Padilla
2 months ago
How to find chinese investors
Started by Joe Tran
10 Tiny_1404168655-avatar-rchuang1856 Last post by Robert Chuang
3 months ago
Foreigner Wants Vacation Home
Started by Bob Couture
4 Tiny_1399748479-avatar-bcouture73 Last post by Bob Couture
3 months ago
Pros and Cons of foreigners buying US real estate
Started by Michael W.
7 Tiny_1399726351-avatar-mike_w Last post by Michael W.
3 months ago
Anybody doing anything real estate related with EB-5?
Started by Adrian Chu
2 Tiny_1399584130-avatar-michaelhomeier Last post by Michael Homeier
3 months ago
Foreign friend to help fund deals
Started by Luke Glaze
2 Tiny_1399759194-avatar-jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
3 months ago
Tax Advisor wanted
Started by Andreas F.
3 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Andreas F.
4 months ago
Any foreigners came to USA and start real estate biz?
Started by ELAINE ARH
4 Tiny_1417959339-avatar-joet2 Last post by Joe Tran
4 months ago
property in detroit
Started by Sophie Younger
10 Tiny_1418430912-avatar-scottk123 Last post by Scott K.
4 months ago

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