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This deal analysis and advice forum is the place to find help analyzing your real estate deals. Need help figuring out the numbers? Post that potential deal here and get feedback.

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Discussion Replies Last Post
Letter to seller
Started by Krystal Harden
3 Tiny_1403065703-avatar-jmviens Last post by Jim Viens
3 minutes ago
Finding comps
Started by Sharon Leigh
3 Tiny_1411953958-avatar-mat_gunkel Last post by Mathew Gunkel
10 minutes ago
New member looking for advice on Mobile Homes
Started by Mark Hull
6 Tiny_1422059145-avatar-markh12 Last post by Mark Hull
23 minutes ago
Looking out for brothers money BUT...
Started by Miguel Sinclair
8 Tiny_1416943267-avatar-barnardinc Last post by Will Barnard
about 1 hour ago
Analyze sfh
Started by Randy Clemens
5 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Randy Clemens
about 4 hours ago
Should I sell my negative cash flow investment property?
Started by Elke Cardella
16 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Elke Cardella
about 4 hours ago
Making the numbers work
Started by Lance Borden
6 Tiny_1418429257-avatar-dogoodinvesting Last post by Larry Fried
about 5 hours ago
My first cash buyer.
Started by Michael Glorioso
4 Tiny_1422534788-avatar-stevenp6 Last post by Steven Picker
about 5 hours ago
Possibly purchasing FSBO rental, please comment.
Started by Sue Bladek
4 Tiny_1413820650-avatar-captnsue Last post by Sue Bladek
about 6 hours ago
going under contract with my first commercial property. any advice
Started by Michael S.
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Michael S.
about 7 hours ago
Newbie Wholesale Scenario
Started by L'aura Bradford
3 Tiny_1422109828-avatar-laurab1 Last post by L'aura Bradford
about 8 hours ago
Flip Calculator Results
Started by Jason Genovese
4 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Jason Genovese
about 11 hours ago
Looking for your thoughts
Started by Andy Robison
26 Tiny_1399654114-avatar-jdwlaw Last post by Jerry W.
about 19 hours ago
House w/ addon deal?
Started by Gabriel Mabry
0 Tiny_1422160847-avatar-gabrielm3 Last post by Gabriel Mabry
about 21 hours ago
Chances of buyer accepting offer?
Started by Tarrin Lilly
12 Tiny_1420408026-avatar-tlilly9 Last post by Tarrin Lilly
about 21 hours ago
Please help evaluate possible Atlanta, Sandy Springs Wholesale Deal
Started by Morris Lucas
2 Tiny_1419281957-avatar-byronl Last post by Morris Lucas
about 22 hours ago
Owner finanacing rural deal
Started by James L.
2 Tiny_1414594487-avatar-thbishop3 Last post by Tim Bishop
about 23 hours ago
8 Unit Building, how much would you offer?
Started by Nazz Wang
8 Tiny_1399688452-avatar-kayos978 Last post by Samson Kay
about 23 hours ago

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