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This deal analysis and advice forum is the place to find help analyzing your real estate deals. Need help figuring out the numbers? Post that potential deal here and get feedback.

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List Maintenancing
Started by Amy Han
0 Tiny 1421295079 avatar aimee324 Last post by Amy Han
23 minutes ago
Can I Lease Option or Sub 2??
Started by Patricia Mclean
10 Tiny 1429919942 avatar klahselade Last post by Patricia Mclean
about 2 hours ago
Investor from CA, Stress test my plan!!!
Started by Rollan Dizon
16 Tiny 1427747010 avatar marks39 Last post by Mark Shaffar
about 2 hours ago
First Deal: Play It Safe or Go for Broke?
Started by Mike Moyer
4 No avatar tiny Last post by Mike Moyer
about 4 hours ago
Newbie for Hire (at no cost to you - the experienced investor)
Started by Stephanie Dobbs
0 Tiny 1431998225 avatar stephanied3 Last post by Stephanie Dobbs
about 4 hours ago
Newbie evaluating first deal in Newark, NJ
Started by Bruce Faulk
0 Tiny 1432141108 avatar writincat Last post by Bruce Faulk
about 5 hours ago
Analyzing a Multifamily in Central Jersey
Started by Eric Waterman
1 Tiny 1429973475 avatar majorminor85 Last post by Stephanie Minor
about 5 hours ago
Getting Kind Of Fed Up With BS From Sellers And Wholesalers
Started by John Thedford
9 No avatar tiny Last post by Richard C.
about 7 hours ago
calculate Land offer
Started by Natasha Marano
4 Tiny 1420755008 avatar natasham Last post by Natasha Marano
about 8 hours ago
Rental Analysis
Started by Mike D.
8 Tiny 1399727335 avatar bills r Last post by Bill S.
about 9 hours ago
Underground Oil Tanks
Started by Moshe Eisenberg
5 Tiny 1399744017 avatar stevejb86 Last post by Steve Buchanan
about 9 hours ago
Advice on Florida investment prospectus
Started by Karl Sivert Skatland
4 Tiny 1420642914 avatar dano3 Last post by Dan Oliver
about 10 hours ago
1st Deal Analysis
Started by Ron J.
12 Tiny 1430618300 avatar ccwong Last post by Che Chiu Wong
about 16 hours ago
18 Unit Apt Complex in Distress
Started by Lawrence Barnes
2 Tiny 1410838523 avatar mypath2rewealth Last post by Troy Fisher
about 18 hours ago
Bank Seller - Should I reactivate contract? Inspection/Utilities/Repairs
Started by Jason DaCosta
0 Tiny 1428281929 avatar jasond19 Last post by Jason DaCosta
about 20 hours ago
About to Make my First Offer.... Need Advice?
Started by Chungsoon Haw
6 Tiny 1431401375 avatar chungsoon Last post by Chungsoon Haw
about 22 hours ago
home inspection question
Started by Tony Farese
4 Tiny 1399713653 avatar charliegti Last post by Charlie Miller
about 23 hours ago
Looking for advice and feedback on first property purchase!
Started by Juan Carlos Valdes
6 Tiny 1429935151 avatar andrewl15 Last post by Andrew Lacy
1 day ago

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