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This deal analysis and advice forum is the place to find help analyzing your real estate deals. Need help figuring out the numbers? Post that potential deal here and get feedback.

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Tri-Plex Analysis Help Please
Started by Ralph R.
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Ralph R.
20 minutes ago
Help needed before I sign a contract
Started by Sheila Villacampa
13 Tiny_1417778258-avatar-sheilav Last post by Sheila Villacampa
27 minutes ago
$22K Sect 8 Acquisition/Deal Opinion
Started by Jonathan Napper
2 Tiny_1408760457-avatar-jaynap01 Last post by Jonathan Napper
43 minutes ago
Cap Rate
Started by Zack Presnell
8 Tiny_1400770290-avatar-fredo_re Last post by Fred Sams
about 1 hour ago
First Multifamily Deal: 60 Unit Apartment Complex
Started by Kush Patel
3 Tiny_1413397467-avatar-rent101 Last post by Will Wu
about 2 hours ago
Deal Analysis Requested. Novice looking for advice.
Started by David Humphrey
15 Tiny_1418868723-avatar-davidh3 Last post by David Humphrey
about 2 hours ago
Should I sell my negative cash flow investment property?
Started by Elke Cardella
13 Tiny_1399610649-avatar-minh Last post by Minh Le
about 3 hours ago
Started by Oneil W.
7 Tiny_1419107140-avatar-span3636 Last post by Daniel Hedges
about 3 hours ago
Private Loans
Started by Nicole Starnes
11 Tiny_1399759194-avatar-jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
about 3 hours ago
how to invest in bay area
Started by Rome Xu
10 Tiny_1399759194-avatar-jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
about 4 hours ago
Please Help: First Small apartment deal
Started by Shayla Fletcher
7 Tiny_1399659196-avatar-tradewindtiger Last post by Tiger M.
about 5 hours ago
Recommended books
Started by Minka Sha
3 Tiny_1399609387-avatar-sjpm Last post by Kyle J.
about 5 hours ago
Can't close due to subordinate lien bank has not record of lien
Started by Roseanna Medellin
1 Tiny_1415205881-avatar-withoutlimits Last post by Daniel Francis
about 10 hours ago
First Potential Deal from Direct Mail Campaign
Started by Tara Hall
11 Tiny_1413903463-avatar-freebird31 Last post by Tara Hall
about 18 hours ago
2nd deal first multi
Started by Reggie Maggard
5 Tiny_1413133446-avatar-damien_c Last post by Damien Christian
about 22 hours ago
Townhouse in Cy-fair, Houston area
Started by Bharath Raj
3 Tiny_1419017531-avatar-raj2014 Last post by Bharath Raj
about 23 hours ago
If someone handed you 100k
Started by Kalyb Coats
64 Tiny_1408462193-avatar-tunaflyby Last post by Tuan Le
1 day ago
analyze this duplex
Started by Thomas Handy
6 Tiny_1399378908-avatar-tchandy Last post by Thomas Handy
1 day ago

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