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This deal analysis and advice forum is the place to find help analyzing your real estate deals. Need help figuring out the numbers? Post that potential deal here and get feedback.

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$17,000 House Do you think this is a good one?
Started by John Levora
11 Tiny_1399777332-avatar-jazmininvestllc Nicholas Jasmine
about 2 hours ago
Luxurious apartment with the world class amenities
Started by Jennifer Kelly
0 No_avatar_tiny Jennifer Kelly
about 2 hours ago
Flipping property: max purchase price
Started by Raj Parwani
8 No_avatar_tiny Raj Parwani
about 6 hours ago
Medical suite...14% cap rate?
Started by Mike Webb
4 Tiny_1399436910-avatar-blackbelt Joel Owens
about 6 hours ago
Cleveland, OH help
Started by Matt Lopez
8 Tiny_1416888087-avatar-mattl1 Matt Lopez
about 7 hours ago
Cash Flow or ROI? Which number do you focus on most in an investment?
Started by Carrie Cathey
52 Tiny_1399654114-avatar-jdwlaw Jerry W.
about 8 hours ago
First time property analysis in Richland, WA
Started by Sam McPeek
17 Tiny_1399769726-avatar-kisslmg Matt Kissler
about 9 hours ago
Medical suite...14% cap rate?
Started by Mike Webb
3 Tiny_1414316318-avatar-lordbobviii Bobby Narinov
about 11 hours ago
Milwaukee area buy and hold properties
Started by Anthony He
11 Tiny_1399672859-avatar-cbynum Carlton B.
about 14 hours ago -- Your user experience and/or Tips and Tricks!!
Started by Adam West
1 Tiny_1399790404-avatar-youngandhungry Adam West
about 14 hours ago
Started by Robert Lunt
11 Tiny_1399790404-avatar-youngandhungry Adam West
about 15 hours ago
12 unit apartment in Houston with 65% seller financing
Started by Kamal Katiyar
10 No_avatar_tiny Kamal Katiyar
about 15 hours ago
Multi-family deal seems too good, what should I be looking for?
Started by Ilya Verzub
36 Tiny_1412731474-avatar-golfman530 Nick Keesee
about 16 hours ago
Mobile Home Park Analysis - Offer Price
Started by Bobby C.
4 Tiny_1400306052-avatar-brcannon Bobby C.
about 17 hours ago
Triplex Unit - Deal Analysis
Started by Aniket Thakur
11 Tiny_1399591439-avatar-ewpolo Eddie Werner
about 19 hours ago
Wholesale on a HUD home
Started by Pamela Holmes
10 Tiny_1399663496-avatar-longhorngreg Greg Hall
about 20 hours ago
Determining rent rolls from MLS?
Started by Paul Spangler
4 Tiny_1399698864-avatar-fritzbucyrus James Wise
about 21 hours ago
A Bad Deal at 44% ARV...
Started by Brandon Sturgill
8 Tiny_1399688510-avatar-brandonscott79 Brandon Sturgill
about 21 hours ago

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