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This deal analysis and advice forum is the place to find help analyzing your real estate deals. Need help figuring out the numbers? Post that potential deal here and get feedback.

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How to structure this deal
Started by Matt S
0 Tiny_1400607056-avatar-stambam Last post by Matt S
4 minutes ago
How to structure this deal
Started by Matt S
0 Tiny_1400607056-avatar-stambam Last post by Matt S
4 minutes ago
Help with deal analysis: SFH vs. Duplex
Started by Kim Annello
2 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Sandra Gibson
about 1 hour ago
Hello all from Chi-town!
Started by Gerardo Lozano
1 Tiny_1416293616-avatar-tanoble1 Last post by Tiffany Noble
about 1 hour ago
Deal Portfolio
Started by Cierra Seay
3 Tiny_1407021775-avatar-cierras Last post by Cierra Seay
about 1 hour ago
Apraisal adjustements by region
Started by Olga Levin
9 Tiny_1410889770-avatar-billfenn Last post by Bill Fennelly
about 4 hours ago
Check Out This Property, Advice on Repairs Needed/Estimated Cost? Photo's Included!
Started by Eric DeVito
0 Tiny_1421702528-avatar-ericd989 Last post by Eric DeVito
about 5 hours ago
Investing in South America
Started by Sam Sendgraff
1 Tiny_1399688535-avatar-avdessauer Last post by Anja Von Dessauer
about 5 hours ago -- Your user experience and/or Tips and Tricks!!
Started by Adam West
3 Tiny_1424665126-avatar-janetj1 Last post by Janet Joyce
about 6 hours ago
$7000 in Taxes owed on a potential wholesale deal.
Started by Lekisha Cole
4 Tiny_1427286966-avatar-stevenf5 Last post by Steven Francis
about 11 hours ago
Why no mention of appraisers?
Started by David Schach
7 Tiny_1426911195-avatar-rhondalette Last post by Rhondalette White
about 20 hours ago
Verbally agreed on first deal
Started by Ronald Burgess
10 Tiny_1426982329-avatar-ronaldb7 Last post by Ronald Burgess
about 21 hours ago
multiple parcel deal,same owner, owner will do partial financing
Started by Gary O.
1 Tiny_1426568297-avatar-c2acqi Last post by Chad Clanton
about 21 hours ago
Evaluating a live in multi family property..
Started by Joshua Frahm
7 Tiny_1426213542-avatar-ron_perich Last post by Ronald Perich
about 22 hours ago
Refinance or sell? Advice please.
Started by Chandra Yates
2 Tiny_1419720069-avatar-jjmatt33 Last post by John Matthews
about 22 hours ago
What would you do? I have a seller who wants to get out of his 4 plex. Willing to do a lease option - I take over his mortgage payments for 2-5 years until I can refi in my name.
Started by Gabriel Meerzo
14 Tiny_1422110001-avatar-gabrielm1 Last post by Gabriel Meerzo
about 23 hours ago
Duplex Analysis with Seller Financing
Started by Michael Brown
0 Tiny_1423787557-avatar-michaelb26 Last post by Michael Brown
about 23 hours ago
Quadruplex Analysis
Started by Erik Browning
8 Tiny_1426955656-avatar-ewbrowning Last post by Erik Browning
1 day ago

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