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This deal analysis and advice forum is the place to find help analyzing your real estate deals. Need help figuring out the numbers? Post that potential deal here and get feedback.

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1st Time Buying Multi Unit property +10
Started by Alma Ferrer
1 Tiny_1411836135-avatar-dandemott Dan DeMott
about 2 hours ago
Questions on calculations
Started by Bram Spiero
1 No_avatar_tiny Wayne Brooks
about 3 hours ago
Fort Worth Property - thoughts?
Started by Harshad Ranade
3 Tiny_1411102009-avatar-hdizmond Hattie Dizmond
about 8 hours ago
To pay off or to save??? that is the question
Started by Nalo Coban
3 Tiny_1399761173-avatar-nalo Nalo Coban
about 9 hours ago
First Deal in Oklahoma City!
Started by Tyler Flagg
17 Tiny_1404144215-avatar-famguy023 Amine E.
about 10 hours ago
Macros to make ARV analysis more efficient!
Started by George Sarianos
1 Tiny_1399861476-avatar-rthomas986 Richelle Thomas
about 14 hours ago
how to find baltimore foreclosures (21209, 21215, 21208) before they hit the market
Started by Shoshana Shulman
0 No_avatar_tiny Shoshana Shulman
about 18 hours ago
Setting up owner finance
Started by Eric Giovannucci
7 No_avatar_tiny K. Marie Poe
about 18 hours ago
Started by Darnell Cooley
20 No_avatar_tiny Joel Custodio
about 20 hours ago
Big cash flow in Oakland? $80K gross (someday!) on $500K all-in..
Started by J Martin
1 Tiny_1399520974-avatar-jthomasmartin1 J Martin
about 22 hours ago
Free Property Analysis Worksheet
Started by Joshua Dorkin
79 No_avatar_tiny Mark Eden
1 day ago
due diligence
Started by Dana Brown
3 Tiny_1410799215-avatar-ct_richardson Craig Richardson
1 day ago
Anyone use or hear of a company called Veritrust?
Started by Sarah S.
2 Tiny_1399688048-avatar-takingachance Sarah S.
1 day ago
Best Option for Financing 2nd SFR. HELOC?
Started by Brad Davis
2 Tiny_1407036040-avatar-davibe Brad Davis
1 day ago
Fort worth Rental investment
Started by Seetha G
10 Tiny_1399581155-avatar-leasingtobuy John Jackson
1 day ago
Wholesaling to a conventional buyer
Started by Michael Campbell
3 No_avatar_tiny Richard C.
1 day ago
What are your thoughts on the way I laid everything out for the marketing of this property?
Started by Terri Lewis
7 Tiny_1399757978-avatar-lewisps Terri Lewis
1 day ago
Your thoughts?
Started by Dannie Barlow
5 No_avatar_tiny Dannie Barlow
2 days ago

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