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How to Use a Partnership to Acquire (and Manage) 100+ Units with James Wise

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How to Use a Partnership to Acquire (and Manage) 100+ Units with James Wise

As you grow your real estate business, a partner can help you achieve incredible levels. That’s why today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we sit down with James Wise to talk about how he used a partnership to build his own investment portfolio, as well as build a thriving brokerage and property management business. In this interview, you’ll learn how James finds and screens tenants, uses BiggerPockets to raise money, and much more.

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In This Episode We Cover:

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  • How James got started with real estate
  • How he (unknowingly) house hacked his first property
  • How he moved on to his next deals
  • Tips on finding a business partner
  • Learning the hard way through trial and error
  • How James screens tenants now (and the mistakes he used to make!)
  • Valuable tips on finding partners
  • How he’s using BiggerPockets to grow his business
  • His take on starting a brokerage or real estate management company
  • Tips for real estate agents working with an investor
  • Where to get the cash to actually live while investing in real estate
  • And SO much more!

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