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Surviving the Coming Crash, Earning 20% Returns, and Buying Mobile Home Parks with Kevin Bupp

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2 min read
Surviving the Coming Crash, Earning 20% Returns, and Buying Mobile Home Parks with Kevin Bupp

When most investors hear the words “mobile home park,” they turn and run the other way. But not today’s guest, who’s found incredible success buying (and repositioning) mobile home parks. You’ll learn how Kevin Bupp got his real estate started with single family homes (eventually owning hundreds) and how that led to major problems in the last real estate crash. You’ll also find out how he’s making sure the next crash is different. Discover the incredible power of mobile home parks in generating huge returns in this less-popular real estate niche by learning Kevin’s story. If you are looking to generate huge amounts of cash flow, this is an episode you can’t afford to miss!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • The difference between trailer parks and mobile home parks
  • How Kevin got started
  • Why to not choose single family homes
  • How to “stress test” your deals
  • How (and why) he got into mobile home parks
  • The target market for this investment
  • Some objections to owning a mobile home park
  • The average vacancy Kevin deals with
  • Tips for financing mobile home parks
  • The challenges of analyzing mobile home parks
  • How a mobile home park is valued
  • Advice for adding value to parks
  • What you want to consider when investing mobile home parks
  • How to find mobile home parks
  • And SO much more!

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