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Three Strikes But I Wasn't Out

By Tracey Geary, 11 days ago with 0 comments

How I didn't let analysis paralysis stop me from getting started. Read More

Small 1458787076 avatar traceyg5

Getting Started Using My Unfair Advantage

By Tracey Geary, 16 days ago with 2 comments

How I got interested in real estate and recognizing my 'unfair advantage'. Read More

Small 1469805191 avatar kubaf

How to Order Your House Flip Construction Tasks

By Kuba F., 11 days ago with 2 comments

An explanation of the order of repairs when scheduling house flipping construction tasks in order to complete the rehab as quickly as possible Read More

Small 1419605356 avatar karlhodges

Lessons Learned - June 2017

By Kris Hodges, 17 days ago with 3 comments

Get a contract, no matter what the situation. Read More

Small 1481822216 avatar lauraalamery

Can I do No Money Down Deals as a New Investor?

By Laura Alamery, 11 days ago with 0 comments

The 5 best creative real estate financing strategies: it's definitely possible to get into real estate investing by thinking outside the box. Read More

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Small 1463067513 avatar jvermillionaf
Small 1483019939 avatar seantarpenning
Small 1448397131 avatar davehai01

6 Reasons Mobile Home Park Investing Rocks

By David Thompson, about 1 month ago with 3 comments

Mobile Home Park investing is an attractive area to invest in. This article discusses the top 6 reasons why. Read More

Small 1495128261 avatar diogof

How i lost a deal and gained a mentor

By Diogo Ferreira, 12 days ago with 0 comments

How i lost a deal and gained a mentor Read More

Small 1484575945 avatar simonf10


By Simon Filip, 3 months ago with 0 comments

Purchasing real estate assets? What you need to know about the important distinction between real estate investor and dealer for income taxes. Read More

Small 1419955449 avatar bmanassero

7 Ways to Boost Your Rental Property Income Now

By Bill Manassero, about 2 months ago with 0 comments

Many investors don't realize that can do a few, simple, low cost things that will increase your rental property income and value significantly! Read More

Small 1487814403 avatar nicholes9

The Only Way To Ask For A Mentor

By Nichole Stohler, 19 days ago with 5 comments

Stop asking to find a mentor. There's a better way. Read More

Small 1448399091 avatar jkehl
Small 1448323178 avatar blackbelt

Don't have the flaky buyer syndrome!

By Joel Owens, about 1 year ago with 5 comments

What NOT to do when looking to purchase commercial real estate. Read More

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