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Sean Carroll
Ralph Hunter

How to Get Tenants to Move Out without an Eviction

By Ralph Hunter, almost 2 years ago with 2 comments

Want to get your tenant to move out but do not want to use a court eviction? Find out how to evict a tenant without breaking the law in North Carolina Read More

Sean Tarpenning
Charlie DeHart
John Marion
David Thompson

Vetting an Apartment Deal Sponsor - 10 Tips from an Insider

By David Thompson, 5 months ago with 9 comments

I share the top 10 tips I've learned as an insider on vetting a sponsor when considering an apartment investment. Read More

David Thompson

My Ideal Investor Client

By David Thompson, about 2 months ago with 2 comments

Identifying your ideal customer or client can help you become more efficient and focus more of your attention on finding and cultivating them. Read More

Bryan Hancock
Sean Carroll
Wendy Patton
Vena Jones-Cox
Jeremy Hans

My Story, from the flight line to full time

By Jeremy Hans, 11 days ago with 5 comments

How I went from a full time Navy Helicopter Pilot to a full time investor, in only a few short years. Read More

Jeremy Hans

​How I lost $16k on my first Syndication, and lived to tell about it.

By Jeremy Hans, 4 days ago with 0 comments

Not all deals work out, this is the story of how my first syndication did not close. Read More

Allie Reeves

How I got my first wholesale deal: Talk to People

By Allie Reeves, about 2 months ago with 19 comments

Through talking to people, patience, passion, and perserverance, I got my first wholesale deal...and a couple more. Here is how it happened. Read More

Charles Parrish

Ideas of how to arrange and negotiate seller financing.

By Charles Parrish, 4 days ago with 0 comments

Seller Financing, delayed settlements, creative financing, interest free mortgages - learn these systems and accelerate your net worth in real estate. Read More

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