Substantially Similar

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can someone explain this term in the context of 1031 exchanges?  Are units in the same building considered substantially similar? For example, the unit you identify becomes unavailable and you buy an identical one in the same building or you make a mistake as to the unit number.  Thanks.

@David K.  For purposes of defining like kind they can be.  The definition of like kind is not found in the type or nature of a piece of real estate but in its use for investment.  Any type of real estate used for productive use in business trade or for investment is like kind to any other type of real estate that is intended to be used for productive use in business, trade, or for investment.

Unfortunately for purposes of your 45 day potential property replacement list period they are not.  Each of these units has an address and is a separate identifiable piece of real estate.  123 Apple Valley Road is a specific identifier.  A unit in Apple Valley Condominium B building is not.