1031 Facilitator in Atlanta

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My brother and I did our first deal last year. We bought a SFR and have rented it out the past year. When the lease ran up recently, we needed to do some work on the house. We happen to have caught some solid appreciation and plan to flip it now (using the rent we received from the past year to fund a solid chunk of the renovations). We intend to leverage our one SFR into either two SFRs or a small multi-family. I hoped someone would have a recommendation for a good 1031 facilitator to use in the Atlanta area. We would prefer to defer the taxes and would like to try to put the real estate-friendly tax code to use! I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

@Nicholas Hill , the location of your qualified intermediary isn't as critical as their experience and responsiveness.  Since 1031 is a federal statute most intermediaries have a national scope.  a significant portion of our exchanges start in one state and end with the purchase in another anyway.

You'll find your best price and service with a nationwide intermediary large enough to have economies of scale but small enough to have principles managing your file throughout the process.