How to get control of a 1031 Exchange property

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I'm curious. How does one get control of a property for which an owner only wants to do a 1031 exchange? By control I'm mean get the property and presenting it to someone else that is also looking to do a 1031.

@Claude Beauregard , if Owner A wants Owner B's property and Owner B want's Owner A's property you could offer to make an introduction of the two.  Unless you're a realtor it's skirting close to practicing real estate without a license which may or may not be an issue where you're from.  An introduction is prolly not big thing.  Depends on how much money you're trying to get in the middle.

Be very careful though because you could also end up acting very much like an intermediary for the 1031 exchange.  And that's a whole nuther level of liability.  

Stick to the introduction and be the good guy hoping there's some monetary thanks in the offing.

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