Which Banks/ Credit Unions will do a HELOC on investment property

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Does anyone know any banks / credit unions that are doing HELOC / equity line of credit on investment properties?

I know First Tech and PenFed are, but they both have a limit of 4 financed investment properties, and I am just over that. I am not eligible for Navy Fed.

I've been researching and have called several other banks, but they all say that aren't doing HELOCs on investment properties.

Property is in Georgia. 

Any banks / credit unions I should try?

I've gleaned these lenders from the kind people on BP. I have used PenFed and TD Bank for HELOCs on investment property. Post back if you find another lender who serves you well, and I will add them to my list and pay it forward. These were all sourced pre-CV19, so eat the fish and spit out the bones.  It doesn't hurt to call.

Ridge Lending All in One, first position HELOC

AFCU does 80% LTV on NOO. Utah

Americafirst 80% LTV on noo 65% LTV Utah

Arvest Bank AR, OK, AL, MO

Bank of the west

BB&T will loan on a rental portfolio

BBVA Compass

Boeing employee credit union

California: Cal Coast Credit Union and Fremont Bank

Citizens Bank -Minnesota, only in-state. Kyle Potswald

Citizens first position HELOC

CMG a financial 70% LTV

East West Bank, up to 60% LTV with "no docs"

Figure 80% on a rental, not in LLC

First Florida Credit Union https://firstflorida.cumortgag...

First Commonwealth

Great Lakes Credit Union

Veritex , Texas HELOC

HSBC 70%, for premier clients only

Huntington 75% LTV

Hurst Lending and Insurance Investment property

HELOC in Texas. No seasoning.

Key Bank, FLorida flexible lender, HELOCs on second

homes and rental properties. 90% LTV on primary.

Merchants Bank MN See Pavel Ushakov

PenFed - max 3 other properties, 89% LTV

Regions- yes HELOC but no LOC

SCCU Florida 70% LTV, 6.25% interest only, not LLC

Signature Federal Credit Union 75% LTV

Sound CU "non-owner occupied HELOC, capped at $150K and interest rates are prime + 2%, 3% or 4%, based on credit, not to exceed 70% ltv."


TCF Bank

TD Bank

TIAA Direct was EverBank

Tower FCU, all states except TX, max 45 DTI, green card ok. Max of three rental properties. Automated appraisal.


Union Bank, specializes in noo HELOC. KCMO, NE

Union Bank, MUFG.

US Bank

Vectra Bank

Wisdom from Ann Bellamy:

I also never keep much cash in a bank account in the same bank where I have any mortgage. For example, I have a mortgage and operating account at Bank X for one of my businesses. I pull out most of the surplus cash from the operating account and put it in an account owned by the same company but in Bank Y. That way I get to determine how it's used, not the bank.

Originally posted by @Kerry Baird :

I've gleaned these lenders from the kind people on BP.

Awesome! I had made a list last year from the kind people on BP...I called around 12 banks, found the 3 with the most competitive rates...lost the list and all my info in a house move...

I’ll get to calling these banks tomorrow! Thanks again 

Just making calls right now:

fremontbank provides HELOC on investment properties situated in CA.

Bank of West provides HELOC on investment properties situated in CA, AZ

Hi Kerry, Thank you so much for the HELOC list. My rental properties are in NY but I live in AZ. Thus I have a hard time to find HELOC banks willing to work with rental properties. I used your list and found Penfed for this HELOC with an initial rate of 4.75%. I have used TD bank before for rentals. But they recently told me that they will not loan HELOC to rental properties. Again, thank you!

I have been trying to get a heloc on an investment home. They are asking for a transfer fee at closing. What is this fee, never heard about it before.

Thanks much