Passthrough Okay Before Downleg Close? 1031 Disqualified?

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If a seller wanted to take some cash (boot) out of a sale via buyer's passthrough, does this disqualify the seller's ability to 1031 exchange, or is that simply tapping into proceeds after downleg close that disqualifies an exchange? My client wants to use some of the money on a passthrough deposit, and I'm seeking clarification on if this is possible without disqualifying the 1031. Thanks

@Aaron Moayed , this would be called a partial exchange.  In order do defer all tax in a 1031 exchange you must purchase at least as much as your net sale and use all of the proceeds in the next purchase or purchases.  

However, It is permissable to take cash out or purchase less than you sell.  You simply pay tax on the difference.  The cash. you take out is taxable but the rest of the gain is sheltered in the 1031.