Anyone used LegalZoom to Form a LLC?

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Ram Chandrasekaran

Real Estate Investor from Milpitas, California

Jul 14 '08, 04:19 AM

I am looking to form a LLC through Legal Zoom or Incorporate.Com or some other site (LLC.COM). Which one is best? The rates are almost the same if I include Tax ID preparation and receiving, Operating Agreement, Expedited Processing, Registered Agent for 1 Yr, etc. (works out to about $650.00 total). Suggestions, please?


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Jason Hanson

Real Estate Coach from Oakton, Virginia

Jul 15 '08, 08:32 PM

I would just have an attorney form it for you...they do it all and it will cost between 300-500 bucks. $650 to do the LLC sounds high.

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Tom C

Real Estate Investor from Ohio

Jul 15 '08, 10:51 PM

I did one on LegalZoom for 150 bucks. No reason to have an agent, I filed in my own state using my EIN obtained on line for free.

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Rob Rey

Jul 16 '08, 01:18 PM

can I ask what an EIN is ???

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Tom C

Real Estate Investor from Ohio

Jul 16 '08, 06:08 PM

EIN is your Employer Identification Number. You can get one for your business by going out to the .gov web site. They are free. When you setup you business banking accounts, this is the number that you use. You also use this number on credit applications.

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Cory Johnson

Jul 23 '08, 09:48 PM

Just wanted to add that I’ve used The Company Corporation "incorporate dot com" in the past, and they’ve been a big help. I wasn’t sure of a lot of the steps, and they do a pretty good job of guiding you. I’ve gotten help with my Inc, business license, EIN, Web site, business credit, you name it. Prices are reasonable too. Hope this helps anyone who’s researching their options.

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James Gunter

Residential Real Estate Agent from Clearwater, Florida

Jul 28 '08, 05:50 AM

Havent used legalzoom for an LLC, but i have for a provisional patant i have and they were very good.

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Joshua Dorkin Verified Donor

Commercial Real Estate Agent from Denver, Colorado

Jul 28 '08, 05:52 AM

I've used them in the past and had no problems. They were very helpful in helping me accomplish my needs.

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Matty NA

Real Estate Investor from Los Angeles, California

Jul 28 '08, 06:00 AM

I used a few years ago I believe it was under 200 dollars. The cost to do it yourself was about 75 at the time for California.

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Aly W.

Investor from Middletown, New Jersey

Jul 28 '08, 10:01 AM

My state (NJ) has its own site for creating an LLC. I've done 2. Cost is $125 and the online process is easy. Check your state's .gov site.

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Juan Michael

Involved In Real Estate from Los Angeles, California

Jul 28 '08, 10:16 AM

We used them to form our LLC, we went ahead and did the EXPRESS............ It worked out GREAT !!!! and fast. a little under $400........ in my opinion it was worth it.


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Dave W

Real Estate Investor from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Jul 30 '08, 08:25 AM

legalzoom is convenient but frankly is not worth it. register through your state at half the cost, the forms you can download for free.

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C. Burris

Homeowner from Shreveport, LA

Jul 31 '08, 08:01 PM

Originally posted by "dtwilson":
legalzoom is convenient but frankly is not worth it. register through your state at half the cost, the forms you can download for free.


Doing it yourself it much more cost effective. You have to give these sites all of your info anyway. You could be using that time to type your information directly onto the forms. Lawyers here charge $1200, but that's my problem.
One other thing I have heard of is filing in Delaware. Anyone hear about the benefits of that?

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Gene Kardos

Real Estate Investor from Minneapolis, MN

Jul 31 '08, 08:55 PM

we used them here in minnesota and it cost use about half of what it would have going through a lawyer.

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Joe Bauer

Real Estate Investor from Seattle, Washington

Aug 10 '08, 08:49 PM

I've formed my LLC and am trying to get my EIN from the website. I formed the LLC in CT (plan to do business there) but live in NY. The site asks questions about the LLC's physical address. Has anyone tackled these questions? I've been on hold with the irs for 20 min. Any help would be great!

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Tyler Thrush

Lender from Dana Point, California

Aug 10 '08, 08:55 PM

I used and it has worked well so far!

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Maria Devereaux

Real Estate Investor from San Diego, CA

Sep 13 '08, 11:39 AM

Yes, I would recommend LegalZoom. I created a LLC and a DBA through them buy while paying for priority processing, registered agent, etc. Either way, using an attorney or LegalZoom, you can't go wrong.

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Mark Yuschak

Residential Real Estate Broker from Grand Blanc, Michigan

Sep 15 '08, 06:05 PM

I wouldn't pay anyone else to set them up. It's very simple in the state of Michigan. I've successfully setup several and gotten the EINs, too. It only costs $50.

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Tony W

Real Estate Investor from Las Vegas, Nevada

Sep 22 '08, 08:32 AM

When I set up my llc, I thought about going to one of those online sites. I read that setting up your LLC is only like 10%. The real protection is how it is set up and you need an attoreny for that. Things like resolutions, notice of meetings, minutes, etc. Some of the stuff i still don't understand. If you have limited knowledge, then I would suggest you use an attorney who can explain in detail, what needs to be done to fully protect your assets. "You don't want to be exposed" - thats what the lawyer said.

I went with the attorney simply because of my lack of knowledge. Now I know, I have a solid entity that will protect me. Mines cost around 500 in nevada. Its ok, if you want save some money and to get it online, but make sure its compliant.

One hot roll of the dice can pay for that!!!!

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Owen D. Donor

Investor from Carter Lake, Iowa

Nov 10 '08, 06:46 PM

I recently formed an Iowa LLC through Legalzoom and was very satisfied with the service and speed. It cost me $190 for the 'economy' package. I got the EIN number on my own for free from the IRS website (which took me like 5 minutes).

I would definitely not pay for them to get the EIN for you- it's a waste of money considering how easy it is to DIY.

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