Anyone have any success in carving out a niche in property management of subdivisions, condominium associations, etc. for an HOA? I have not seem much discussion in this forum and this seems almost like passive management. I am going to present a proposal soon to a community and it seems like it require less than 10 hours per week to manage. The board has in house counsel (no legal matters to attend to), and manages the bidding for new maintenance contracts. In short, it seems like it would require only attending board meetings once per month and managing ongoing maintenance requests for the community and general upkeep (for example landscaping). The relatively small community is offering 2,000/month for a service provider. I think there are some great opportunities to automate most of the maintenance requests through digital tools (submission forms) that would minimize relentless phone calls. It would seem easy to find a virtual assistant to triage and route maintenance requests. Any thoughts from an experienced manager in this field on things I I might not be thinking about?