Sup Guys,

To all those that run a Successful Real Estate Investing or Wholesaling Business with multiple people on your team..

What do you track in your business?

What are your most important numbers?

Every Business and owner will have diffrent priorities in what they track.

But in the Book Traction (a practical AMAZING business building book) It talks about Creating a Company Scorecard to "Track your numbers" and review on a weekly basis to catch the trends in your business and begin growth.

To my Successful Entreprenuer buds, What do you guys track?

Here is what I track and manage on a weekly basis in my wholesale business..

-Deals in pipeline (Not closed)

-Direct Mail Sent

-Outbound calls Made (cold CAlles)

-Leads produced

-$$$ Closed

-Appointments set

-Inbound Calls

-Sales Calls (Leads in CRM Called)


-Contract Lost

Let me know if you Guys hace read the Amazing book Traction by Gino Wickman and have created your own company scorecard!

Please share the things you track/manage/watch on a weekly basis.

Much Love

Raphael Vargas 

Washington DC