Hey guys, so this one has been at me for a while. Our business is now 100% virtual, which we're thrilled about, but to stay incorporated in our state of Oregon, we must have a physical presence. I am now mobile, and the business does not have a physical presence, so we effectively have no physical presence in our state of Oregon except for commercial offices which are empty and lease expires August 31st. 

For purposes of having a commercial space, for business credit, applications/requirements from many companies and to keep our incorporation in the state of Oregon, we are currently leaning toward continuing to rent the cheapest office unit month-to-month as our Principal Place of Business just to meet the requirements of state incorporation/other companies.

I'm certain that we are not the only virtual business to face this dilemma... has anyone found a solution to this.. perhaps a method or another state that permits virtual businesses without a physical presence to be incorporated in their state?

Thanks for any insights on this guys... at this point, the whole virtual business realm is so new that it feels like keeping the cheapest office unit for now would be the wisest move... but that'll be another $3,000+ per year in expenses that we would prefer not to pay.