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My wife and I have been actively connecting with wholesalers and realtors and have found success.  Now after a couple of our deals we have more capital we want to leverage to get 2 to 3 rehabs going at once, rather than one at a time.  We've decided on budgeting $2000 a month to budgeting.  However I feel like we're a little limited when it comes to marketing ideas.  What options have come to our mind are:

Facebook ads

Bandit Signs (tried it before not much success)

Direct Mail

Besides these options what other ones can you think of and which option do you recommend primarily?

I would suggest you set up a website also with a nice clean simple landing page to generate leads.

Then you can direct your Facebook Ads or Google Adwords campaigns there and it also ads credibility.

Twitter and Instagram both have paid marketing tools as well that you can utilize to build an online presence.

Hi @Jackson Pontsler

All the marketing venues you mentioned above work. Some work better than others but it is very market dependent. For example, if you drive though your targeted neighborhoods and there's 20 Bandit Signs at each intersection, well... You will be the 21 and probably the response will not be that good. We however have clients that love the bandit sign response in their respective markets. Same thing with direct mailers. In some areas the potential sellers are getting 20-30 letters every month and they will tell you this over the phone when they call you. It is cut throat in some major metropolitan areas. So I would suggest you start with one or two marketing strategies and do it consistently for 5-6 months and keep track of the responses you get. Then eliminate the one that is not working and either try another one or put all your money on the one that is giving you results. 

Once you get leads consistently and are making money, then add another marketing strategy by trial and error. The important thing is consistency. Don't discard a strategy based on 1-2 months of no responses. Marketing takes time. 

Good luck and happy investing!

I would recommend mastering one marketing channel before spreading yourself too thin.  For example, if you are going to focus on Google Adwords, you have ads and are continually running optimization tests, you have all keywords setup (including negative keywords!) and you have the systems in place to handle the lead flow that will come in from the a consistent, concentrated effort.  

What can also happen if you have a smaller budget and try a little bit in every marketing channel is that you end up not being able to invest enough into any one channel to get results.  

My investors and I are tooling around with the idea of hiring Virtual Assistant, purchasing a dialer and call lists and start cold calling into the communities. Of course, these VAs aren't licensed agents so the extent to their conversations is pretty much a survey to identify their motivation, where I (or ISA) would reach out to start the conversation. Once appointment is landed, I can take a cash offer from my investor - if they can't accept for one reason or another, then I'd offer to list their property retail (MLS.) If you've got a favorite Realtor in your area, talk to them about teaming up and splitting the cost.

@Account Closed Facebook is capable of targeting 5 categories Demographics based on their facebook profile, Intrest targeting based on apps they used, pages they like, ads clicked on, and other sources..., Behavior targeting which is based off of offline data so they can target based on purchase behaviors, intent, etc..., and finally Connections/ Pixel targeting which can be page likes, website views, custom audiences, etc... (that's for those who didn't understand the targeting).

You are definitely spot on with the messaging. Making your targeting coherent to your copy and creatives makes or breaks campaigns. Similar to Adwords when everything is coherent from the search queries that are coming from the keywords to the headline matching your landing page. 

You are pushing the ad upon someone (push marketing), so if that ad is not appealing to them they will continue about their day. Catching their attention and holding it enough to influence your message upon them is the whole goal. Do you agree with this? 

I've been getting leads well under $30, one client I worked with was getting leads under $20 in fact, however, the quality just isn't there. You are starting to make me think. With Adwords the lower you bid on keywords I've found the lower quality search terms we get. Facebook kind of seems to be doing the same.

Obviously Adwords is more my thing, I've become very good with this industry and I'm able to meet client goals as long as the infrastructure is their i.e. I can run the best campaign, but it's always the landing page getting in the way. Which is why I'm teaching myself landing page design and optimization as we speak. I'm also creating business relationships with other landing page developers so I can refer my clients to. Curious if you do the same or if your agency does it in-house?

Adwords is most certainly expensive at the moment. I still believe it can work in any market, however, I will also say Facebook is a big opportunity if done well. I can already see you have an extensive knowledge and seems to be working for you. Awesome job on that, I know it took a lot of work! 

Were both in the same space, we should connect! I'll PM you. 

Hi @Alex Olmo

as @Angel-Ty L. mentioned above.

what makes FB ads so special is "Targeting" and "Re Marketing"

those are powerful tools combined.

every industry (realtor, appraiser, CPA...) needs to its pwn Targeting when placing FB ads. this is why answering your question is a bit tough... I wold be happy to chat if you want and I will help you as much as I can. (I am not going to sell you anything..) 

and after you have your campaign up and ruining it is even more crucial to do "Re Marketing" - this is the part that most people are not aware of. if you are not doing this, you are throwing $$$ for nothing... the way to do it is very easy - read about the "Facebook Pixel" and whats called " Look alike audience" 

hope I could help

A couple of things:  From all the answers above you can see marketing, particularly digital marketing can be a big hairy beast.  There are a few key things you want to look at:

- Who are you marketing to and why should they care about you / your business?  People get a lot of messages thrown at them daily.  Find a pain point and offer them a solution - you win. 

- You must have a good clean web site, a lead magnet (a form to get info from people in exchange for something cool), Facebook pixel and Google analytics at minimum.  Blog and mail list are a bonus.

- Do you really want to manage this yourself?  For $2000 a month, there are smaller firms that can do the leg work for you.  Pick a fixed amount of time, ie: 3 months and set specific goals.  Make sure you are getting regular reports.  There are a couple of firms above that are worth contacting, and I'd be happy to chat with you too.

Good luck!  Have fun - it's a great adventure. 

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