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I am a current client of Royal Legal Solutions out of Austin Texas. I am almost scared to ask this question, but here it goes. Has anyone had dealings with them and are they legit? I am starting to wonder. I am not receiving mail concerning my properties I have in a series LLC they formed for me. They are "working on the problem" so I am not going to say anything negative until I give them a fair chance to fix the problem so>>> stay tuned

Good morning Gerilyn, I have an appointment for a computer call this morning (12-6-18) with Royal Legal and am wondering if they are legit also. You said your problem was solved, however, are you completely happy with the transaction(s) and do you understand everything they did? I live in Alaska and have inquired about Series LLCs and they tell me "yes they work in Alaska". I'd really appreciate your advice and input about your transaction. Thanks, Dolly

@Gerilyn Bristow

I've been a client for a few months. I am annoyed you can only reach them by email but they are legit and have had property transferred into a series LLC. I've filed paperwork with the county that was recorded so everything is on the up and up.

I too am working with them and set up a series LLC. The idea was to create anonymity and protection. Did you all have to record a Gift Deed in order to complete this process? I am getting quite concerned about this.

Hey everyone Royal Legal Solutions has been great for me. They are legit. Just be sure you have the contact email of your representative, I got a little frustrated over the phone system but they are very busy! Happy Investing :)

I contacted @Scott Smith of Royal Legal Solutions here on BP and told him I would like to discuss structuring my business. He said to give him my email address and phone number which I did.

3 or 4 days went by.

Instead of calling me or emailing me, he apparently handed my number off to someone in the Philippines named Edward Losloso. Edward emailed me and said that he has been trying to get a hold of me by phone. (1) I never asked Edward to call me (2) My email clearly works... why didn't he try that after the call failed? (3) When I said my phone never rang, he listed my phone number and it had two number reversed. (despite my giving Scott the correct number.)

I emailed Edward the correct number, and waited several more days. Edward never called. So I tried calling the number listed in Edward's emails, but he never answered. (He was probably sleeping since it was 2am in the Phillipines.)

So I went on and called the number in the text below the video. I received a recording: "You have reached a non-working number..."

So then I went to and called the number at the top of the page, listened to Scott narrate his own menu, and pressed #2 "to inquire about our services". No answer. I called back later, still no answer. So I left a message with only my first name, my work number and what I wanted. (Mind you this information was different from what Edward had...)

A week later, no calls from anyone.

So then I went to and paid $150 for a free consultation. I figured if I actually PAID for a service, then I could get Scott to call me, right? After I paid, I saw this screen:

3 days went by... at which point I wrote to them and asked for a refund since I had not heard from anyone.

If any anyone knows an attorney that can provide better service than this, please let me know.

@Steve Hall That's too bad. I've communicated with Scott via email a couple of times and he was responsive and nice. I've never done business with him, but they seemed like a good operation with their response times. Sad to hear they may be slipping a little, I hope it's not a common issue.

@Grant Rothenburger

Why would you risk your own reputation by claiming that Scott is "responsive and nice" when:

  1. You've never even spoken to Scott Smith!
  2. You've never done business with Scott Smith or Royal Legal Solutions
  3. The emails you claim to have received could have been written by his secretary, or Edward in the Philippines

How can you say "they may be slipping a little" when you have no other experience/perspective to judge him by, other than your own? @Gerilyn Bristow started this thread 6 months ago with a complaint about Royal Legal Solutions.

And why would you "hope" that "it's not a common issue"? Do you have some vested interest in the success of Royal Legal Solutions?

Your post baffles me, unless you work for Royal Legal Solutions and are trying to deflect...

@Steve Hall Hey Steve.  I certainly understand your frustrations.  I do have a team here to help me, not a one man show - time just would not allow for that - but anytime a client, potential client, or just another investor like myself has any concerns are questions I am here to help and would certainly do my best to get back with you.  Feel free to DM me here on BP and let's figure out what I can do to help.

Best Regards, 


Originally posted by @Steve Hall :

@Grant Rothenburger

Why would you risk your own reputation by claiming that Scott is "responsive and nice" when:

  1. You've never even spoken to Scott Smith!
  2. You've never done business with Scott Smith or Royal Legal Solutions
  3. The emails you claim to have received could have been written by his secretary, or Edward in the Philippines

How can you say "they may be slipping a little" when you have no other experience/perspective to judge him by, other than your own? @Gerilyn Bristow started this thread 6 months ago with a complaint about Royal Legal Solutions.

And why would you "hope" that "it's not a common issue"? Do you have some vested interest in the success of Royal Legal Solutions?

Your post baffles me, unless you work for Royal Legal Solutions and are trying to deflect...

My post can baffle you, that's okay with me. I have no ties to him or his company, have dealt with them because of our podcast and different interactions we've had. He and his team have always been responsive and nice to me.

To answer your questions:

I'm not risking anything, just sharing my experience with someone on a public forum, if you or anyone else doesn't like it, frankly I don't care, it's the truth, and people can use it to make their own judgments.

How can I say they may be slipping a little? ----- Ummm because of what was literally just said about them in this post??? I thought that was understood.

Why would I hope it's not a common issue? --- Two reasons: they seemed great when I've dealt with them and I'd hate to see that change and people be taken advantage of. And because in general I don't want a bunch of sketch/crappy places taking money from people and providing nothing in exchange.

Sorry that you would like to keep it to bashing people only but I think it is important for everyone who will read this to know that some people have had good experiences with them. I couldn't care less if no one gives Scott and his company business from this day forward, but I do care to share my experience for others to read.

Am I not allowed to share my experiences on a public forum too? Just you? My bad.

I won't be commenting on this any further. I wish you the best in all your endeavors sir.

@Scott Smith

Hi Scott , I am having a number of issues since I hired your firm in February this year. First of all I have not been able to talk to you even for once. Now I am getting delinquency notices from State of California about some tax that I needed to pay and when I contacted your firms contact person, he just replied we only do that for TX LLCs and nothing outside of that although I am paying monthly subscription office fees. I wished your firm had told me that before I hired you because at that time everything was so logical and O loved the statement, “ we will take care of everything for you and you will have a worry free investment business”. I also somehow believed a lot of happy clients on BP. Now after consulting with a number of RE CPAs I found out that the legal structure you created is the most tax inefficient strategy for california residents and eventually I may be paying a big tax bill year end unless I do a major surgery and spend a lot more money to get it fixed. let me know if we can 1:1 sometime soon to discuss it more

This is a very helpful thread, as I'm also curious about Royal Legal Solutions. I do enjoy their podcast and think the information is very helpful.

@Steve Hall Thanks for recounting your experiences and sorry they've been difficult to work with. Did you find another real estate attorney team instead? If so would you mind sharing their contact info with me? Feel free to PM me if that's easier.

@Arif Siddiqi Sorry to hear about your situation. Same question for you: did you find another attorney team to work with you instead? Thanks in advance!

Hi @Arif Siddiqi , sorry about that experience. I'll PM you directly with my personal cell phone if you can text me when you have a moment. All clients of RLS should receive my personal number for just this type of situation. Your feedback is incredibly important to me, so thanks for bringing it up.

Hi to all, I was going to setup a 1hr consultation with this company tomorrow and decided to search a little more on this forum. I like the strategies that they recommend and the podcasts that they have on different RE sites. I know that not everybody is going to be 100% happy and satisfied with every service... but after reading this post... there are several reflags and it looks like somebody is dropping the ball, if the company has a lot of new clients, they need to hire competent personnel to help.. and so far it looks that they are not doing it.

Im going to keep researching different websites and hopefully find a local law firm that does this type of LLC structuring and asset protection.

Has anybody worked with Mark J Kohler?, it looks like someone with a lot of good advise and expertise in the same field.


@Scott Smith :    I sure would like to have your personal cell phone number too.     I feel like I've been lied to when I signed up for your services.     I was told that you have an IN-HOUSE CPA who would be more than willing to assist my CPA OR do the taxes themselves.

Question after question I'm being told that my CPA needs to use his "own best judgement" rather than rely on advice from the firm that setup the entities to begin with.

I think all potential clients need to be very mindful that Royal Legal Solutions WILL NOT back you up with your CPA when you go to file your taxes.    So far it has been a nightmare for me with no end in sight.      

I'd love to have your personal cell phone to discuss my situation instead of playing telephone with your assistant Megan back and forth.

Updated over 1 year ago

I have since been referred to a CPA who apparently has worked with other RLS clients with their asset protection structure. We'll see how it goes. As I said before - I was told they had "IN-HOUSE" CPA who could field questions and they definitely do not have that. I encourage everyone to consult your CPA BEFORE pulling the trigger on any of the RLS asset protection solutions.

Are we allowed to ask how much Royal Legal costs on this forum? I tried to ask them to give me a general idea of how much they charge, but the wouldn't tell me without me paying them $140 for an initial consultation. 

Is this a case where if you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it? 


@Steven Kerns do not pay the $140. It didn't cost me anything for the initial consultation. They charge anywhere from $3K -$10K. The jury is still out if it's worth it.

@Carlos C. Did you find out about Kohler? I'm looking to use them for accounting. He has a lot of good info via youtube. I'm wondering if I should jump ship from RLS to them for the legal aspect as well.

Wow! Glad I read this thread and why the search function is still the most valuable feature on BP! Has anyone found a reliable, competent and responsive real estate attorney they would recommend in the Austin areas?

I was contacted by Anderson Legal Business and Tax Advisors and while doing my due diligence, came across this thread on Royal Legal Solutions.... went to the webite and clicked on pop up to get more info.   Asked me to take a quiz...I did... next pop up asks to make an appointment and brusquely tells me if I don't answer the first time they are done with me, no second chances.   Humm...guess they don't have the same respect for our time that they demand for theirs.   Anyway Edward Losloso calls me and in the first two minutes in thickly accented language tells me they can help me and I need to have a $150 consultation with a lawyer.   I tell him I paid nothing for my "consultation"  actually pretty much a sales call with Anderson, which I figure this would be as well... no concession.    We parted ways.   I did a check on Indeed, the work review site, and the workers there give the company a bad score.  They even iterate that they are clerks not managers and get NO TRAINING.    Too bad.... it seems like a great solution to my concerns but if the workers are disgruntled and the Bigger Pockets post are mostly unhappy....then it's clear I need to look elsewhere.  


@Steven Kerns

My experience with Royal Legal has been lackluster. I signed on with them for estate planning for about $3500 paid upfront. I planned to feel them out before going full steam at around $10k. 

I'll spare the details and just say that RLS titled my anonymous trust with my full legal name and my wife's full legal name. I've gone back and forth with them several times since Feb, and I still don't have a completed plan. I've also looped in @Scott Smith (who has yet to reply) and feel it is time to cut my losses and start over with another firm.

I could've gotten the same level of service and attention to detail for a 10th of the cost by going to legal zoom.

@Paul Beets

I am also a RLS client and was also given the same impression regarding the CPA/tax help that was advertised at the initial consultation. The following is also listed on the RLS website:


As an investor, of course you want to keep all of our friends at the IRS happy. As tax attorneys, we follow changes to the Internal Revenue Code closely and help you file accurately. We regularly handle personal income and corporate tax filing, and have tons of tips, tricks, and free educational articles on these subjects. When we know of a way to reduce your tax responsibilities, we will point it out to you. Don’t risk ending up in a tax dispute. We find these situations are largely preventable when clients are willing to ask for the assistance they need. With our help, you can learn how to minimize your tax obligations and even purchase real estate tax-free."

Which is why I was surprised to receive this response: "That would be a good question for your CPA" when I asked a simple question this tax season. The question in fact was more of a billing/receipt question to verify an amount I had paid to RLS and had been informed at the initial consultation with them that this amount would be tax deductible. 

Question to any RLS clients on BP: do you know what are all of the services that are covered in the monthly fee? I too am considering seeking services elsewhere due to a lack of transparency and a feeling of uneasiness. 

Thanks in advance.

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