Hello everybody, 

I am currently in the military and trying to search and strategize and get creative about future career paths. My goal is to be a full time BRRR investor in the next 5 to 7 years and eventually scale up to commercial properties. I'm looking for jobs, maaaaybe career paths that push me toward those goals. My central location will most likely end up being somewhere in Michigan.

Through the military I will have the ability to intern, learn or work for a company of my choosing for 6 months at no cost to the employer as long as the program or opportunity is somewhat accredited or approved by the VA. So basically someone is going to get free labor from me for 6 months and I'm going to get paid training and or certification preferably with the prospect of a job afterwards. The program is called Skillbridge (formerly Career Skills Program CSP) for any fellow miltary interested.

What I'm looking for is any and all ideas of jobs in all spectrums of life that may be beneficial. 

I've thought about being a Loan officer or General Contractor but I'm still looking and the only path I've ruled out is being an actual realtor (not for me).

So please throw out any ideas and why they might be beneficial, I'd love to hear from this fantastic community of poeple and maybe I can pass my findings on to other military people to share the wealth of information!