Hi All, I am in the market for a new job and looking for guidance and connections. Currently, I work at Comcast as a Senior Financial Analyst, but I am looking to break in to the real estate/construction industries as this is my true passion. I have a lot of experience as a Financial Analyst, manager, and project manager and have worked in all types of types of industries(healthcare, IT, retail, telecommunications) and I am able to learn things quickly. I am interested in Financial Analyst and Project Management roles. However I'm not sure I have the corporate PM experience that most real estate firms are looking for, although I have managed a couple of bigger renovations on personal rental homes that I own. If anyone knows of any companies and/or individuals that are looking for these types of roles, I would love to connect. Please PM me as I would be happy to send over a resume and get a conversation going. I am currently in the Atlanta area and would like to find a position here. Thanks in advance.