Hey Property Managers,

My little company here in SECT is growing.  Almost too fast.  I'm very near my maximum right now since the company is just me and i'm in negotiations for a large complex to buy that I'll also need to take on.   I literally do everything for the most part.  Maintenance, snow, lawn, leasing, the books.  It's all mine!  I love every min of it, but my biggest fear is my customer service will start to slip; I refuse to let that happen.

So I'm at the point where i need to hire or outsource. My questions is when your company was growing, where was the first place you hired? I'v already reached out to outsource most of the summer lawn work, have a maintenance guy-ish, and the boss (my wife) wants to start taking over the books. Where else is the biggest bang for your buck?  I hire other Realtors out of my Broker's office to do some of the leasing as well when i get too many at once, but I like that part because meeting potential tenants is a big part of the vetting process for me.

Any input would be much appreciated!