Good afternoon, everyone!

I am looking for some feedback regarding an idea that I pitched to our primary appraiser regarding a unique selling proposition for our company.  We are in a unique spot to some extent because he has been primarily reliant on another job to provide income and this has been mainly a side gig.  However, he is looking to make this a primary venture while also hiring other employees. 

The idea was the $1000 appraisal.  While this sounds ridiculous, or not very, "Dodd-frank", at first, hear me out.  The increase in fee is in order to have the appraisal in hand or back to your bank within two days.  In our area, many appraisal practices currently have wait times of up to 4 weeks.  He has been in business 30 years and would prefer to work lower volume, but higher return cases primarily, and the idea of cutting down the return time seems to be the best way to also increase our price.  

This turnaround time would also be guaranteed.

Is this a service that you could see coming in handy?  If so, why? And if not, why not?  

$1000 is an arbitrary number, the whole point was essentially charging at least double for guaranteed priority delivery times.