Getting a loan under my LLC

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I've bought a property, got the money from a hard money lender, after fixing it up I've decided to keep it as a rental property. I am looking for a lender to refinance the property to pay off the hard money lender and also to get money out to keep investing. This is the best I've got so far, rate of 5.25% for 30 years, origination fee of 2%, service fee $999, pro rated interest $566, third party costs TBD, 75% loan to value. pre payment penalty if I sell it before 3 years...Is this normal for refinancing under an LLC? Does it sound good? Thanks.

All of the terms you are getting are pretty normal, not a bad deal there. Interest rates can vary with lenders who can fiance under an LLC depending on market, property performance, credit and anything else the lender deems critical to the performance of the property. With that said it is hard to tell if your interest rate is a good deal or not depending on your situation.