advise for newbie in houston

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hi I am in houston Texas, i am trying to get into real estae investing. any recs for Houston?

also any advice on turnkey properties i.e rent to retirment, roofstock and Martel turnkey

Hi @Ata Ahmad !

I am not familiar with Houston, so I cannot help you with recommendations there. For turnkey, I purchased my first property working with a turnkey provider and I was very satisfied with the experience and am still satisfied after just over a year of owning the property (see post below for more details). I am currently saving capital for my next investment and I plan to go turnkey for that property as well.

Best Wishes!

Go to local BP meetups. I find them to be really helpful in the support, accountability, and you get to learn from each other. Focus on what your goal is, and decide what strategy is best for you. I don't have experience in Rent to Retirement. Maybe you can search the forums for that answer or from the review above. 

I'm an investor agent in the Houston area. I host meet-ups the last Thursday of every month (except this month due to the holidays.) We are currently in the process of relocating so stay tune. 

Also, feel free to reach out at anytime regarding your real estate investment needs. Good Luck!