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Looking to network with all my local real estate investors, agents and lenders in the New Jersey area. Also would appreciate any advice on how to land hard money lenders in my area. I come across a lot of investment properties and some insanely good off-market deals I just can't land funding for them. I feel I am asking the wrong questions or maybe people just aren't taking me seriously. Would also be willing to apprentice to show how hungry and motivated I am to get it done. Any advice would be greatly appreciated !! 

@Peter Zeoli Hard money lenders are lending based off the asset. I'm not a loan officer, but unless I'm missing something, if the hard money lenders aren't funding a deal for you there's a few reasons why. A) It isn't a deal and your going to lose money B) the loan amount is too small C) if it's MFR the purchase price per unit is too small

More than happy to assist with any other questions.

@Peter Zeoli Thats awesome!  You may want to come to our next North Jersey Real Estate Investing meet up.  Great place to meet other people, we have hard money lenders that attend.  I specialize in NJ House Hacking, let me know if you need any help in that realm.  House Hacking has created financial freedom for me an my wife and is one of many great ways to go if you are committed to it. 

@Peter Zeoli ,you are definitely in the right place.Reading these books might help as well; Rich Dad, Poor Dad• The Millionaire Next Door• Cash Flow Quadrant • Tax Free Wealth• Set For Life• Rental Property Investing• The Millionaire Real Estate Investor• The REAL Book of Real Estate• So Good They Can’t Ignore You


@Peter Zeoli could be experience related. HMLs will fun the deal based on the numbers making sense and the credibility/experience behind the deal. More experience equals a better rate and less points. They also look at credit and money in the bank. Start wholesaling then move to low dollar buys with low dollar repairs. That’s how I started. For me the challenge is finding deals not funding.