South West VT - STR Newbie!!

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I have just closed on my first property in south western vermont (ski country) which I'm currently turning into a short term rental. I am eager to connect with any other investors in the area and network with those who know more than me! I'm eager to grow my portfolio and learn from any and all investors in the area!

- Anna

Hi Anna!  I'm about to close on my first STR in Vermont as well.  We will be in Bennington.  Since this is my first, I'm not sure how much I'd be able to help, but am always looking to network with other investors.

Does anyone know of a facebook group for investors in Southern Vermont.  I'm a member of one locally, and it's a great help to find recommendations for trades and cleaners.  Does this even exist for?

@Melissa B Great!! Bennington is amazing - we were there for a while recently stocking up on so. many. towels. at that huge walmart. Are you part of a local group in southern vt? or local to KT? 

I'm also a remote investor/ STR owner so it's definitely helpful to connect to people in the same boat

@ Anna Batchelor

LOL!  I wasn't in Bennington at Walmart, but have been doing all kinds of shopping online.  It's hard to walk through my living room at this point. 

We plan on packing up a uhaul and driving up after we close and try to get set up.  

I'm local to Kentucky, and we have an excellent group.  People are willing to share recommendations for trades and anything you could possibly think of and are also willing to help other investors.  It would be amazing to have a group like this in Vermont because it's hard to know which hvac, plumber handyman, etc. to use.

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@Matt Gallub - I'm impressed! Killington is amazing. I couldn't quite swing it this time around. Are you in a condo? the fees are too high for me at many of them up that way. the mountain is to die for though. Are you STR for skiing season mostly?

@Anna Batchelor, nope, it's a single family home in Stockbridge. I'll be renting year round for the foreseeable future but the goal is to eventually have a vacation home that I at least broke even on. I could see myself expanding in the future but just learning as I go.

Hi @Anna Batchelor !  We have closed on the home, but don't have it rent ready yet. We plan on going up this month and spending some time there to whip the house into shape. 

Having said that, this house will function as a second home for us when we can get away and not a STR 365 days a year (at least immediately).