You can respond positively or negatively to any situation. Your attitude is not determined by circumstances, but by how you respond to your circumstances.

Any challenge facing you is not as important as your attitude towards it, for that will determine your success or failure.

It’s how you react to events, not the events themselves, that determines your attitude.

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Living by this principle takes practice on a daily basis. Without practicing this everyday, you will undoubtedly forget about it and continue doing things the way you normally would. Your chances of falling backwards, instead of choosing to move forward will be inevitable.

Not all of us are created the same and none of us are brought up the same exact way. Each of us is unique and special, indeed, you are special. The attitude you bring to everything you do and every interaction you experience will shape your life.

If you hold negativity and pessimism close to the forefront of your mind, you will attract negative things in your life. If you train your mind to think outside of the box and work diligently to “kill the bear“, your likelihood of success will increase a hundred-fold.

Now, here’s an interesting experiment. Re-read the above comments and replace the “you’s” with “I’s” and the “your’s” with “my’s”, etc. For instance, “The attitude I bring to everything I do and every interaction I experience will shape my life.” Have fun with it and remember to keep things “in the eye“…