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I am relatively new to the Real estate industry and I was wondering if anyone had some advice on just how to drum up good leads. MY company does not work like most, in that we do not purchase leads, we do no cold calling (except what the individual wants to do), and the company really offers very little in the way of coming up with business. So I was wondering if some of you might have some solid advice. I work for a VERY intelligent business design, but living in an area for just under 2 years now, i know VERY little people. IDEAS??? THANKS.

What end of real estate are you in? Mortgages? Investing? Realtor?

You can door knock as well. If you're a realtor, there is nothing better than walking around the community you're going to serve and get to know everyone. For investors, you can do the same - depends on what you're looking to do.

Give us more info and we'll help you out! :beer: