Looking for help in kentucky

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I'm looking for a local person to maybe help me start off in the right direction I want to start small and grow slow. I have so many questions. Do you make legal documents yourself or use online ones? What special requirements are there?

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Hey @Matthew Miller , you've come to the right place.

I'd suggest spending a lot of time on these forums and reading some of the advice that many others have contributed here. I think you'll find most of what you need sprinkled throughout this website.

If/when asking questions, be sure to be very specific if you want a specific response. Asking something like "Where can I find legal forms" is not going to get you anywhere on here and you might as well do a Google search. Being more specific with something like "Where can I find a lease agreement that can be used in KY" would be a lot easier for folks to chime in on with some help.

To answer that question for you (as I think that is at least one of the things you're looking for) - there are different ways to put a lease together, here are just a few:

1- Find a good RE lawyer and pay them to draft something up for you.

2- Find a template on the internet and modify it to your needs

3- Find a local investor or RE agent and ask them for their lease and copy/modify it for your needs