Anybody from New Orleans / Baton Rouge, Louisiana area?

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Hi all,

Good afternoon. Former Louisiana boy presently living in DFW. I wanted to see if we have any investors on the Northshore or in Baton Rouge? I would love to network with you.

Have a blessed day.


Welcom to BP @Kevin Parnella !

I'm in Lafayette, but I have a freshman at LSU and I am looking to invest in the BR market. I've been a member of "the RING," a BR meetup group for the last 8-9 months or so. So I have a good group of contacts in that market. I just received an email from one of them looking to sell a couple 4-plexes!

Are you planning on moving back to BR or investing there from Dallas? I've read/heard a lot of positive commentary about the DFW market.

Talk to you soon,


Hi Robert

Thanks for the note. You sound like you are on the right path. Well done sir. I would ultimately like to get back to Louisiana one day so that's why I am looking for contacts down there.

I think the market in DFW is pretty solid. Values never deteriorated like in other parts of the country. I would look to invest here, but since I don't want to be here long-term, I wanted to eventually buy somewhere in either Baton Rouge or on the Northshore.

Have a great day sir.

Greetings @Kevin Parnella !

I am in the New Orleans area. I don't make it to the Northshore area often, or to Baton Rouge area, but I am very knowledgeable about the GNO market. I'm a realtor and investor.

If I can be of service, let me know.

@Kevin Parnella

I am in Baton Rouge. Also a "RING" member here for a couple of years. Let me know if I can be of any help to you. Also an investor/realtor in the area so I can assist you with any info. Welcome to BP and hope to see you around BR.

Thanks guys. I look forward to hearing about your investment stories. Y'all have a great night.

@Braden Smith what kind of investing do you do in the big easy?

i live in the Alexandria area and I just jump into the rental game. I'm looking to buy another rental property in Louisiana.

Welcome to BP @Nicholas Jasmine !

I own a small multi-family complex in Alexandria. I'll be in Alex Wednesday. BP is a great place to learn. I look forward to seeing you around the site and maybe we can get together and grab lunch or a coffee? See you around.


i appreciate the hospitality @robert Leonard

@Ryan Ray I am a local realtor and investor. Currently I focus mainly on wholesaling to other investors and helping them to buy and sell investment properties. I plan to get into rehabbing soon though. Anything I can help you with in the area, let me know!

Braden Smith awesome! I'm just getting started in wholesaling! Love to pick your brain sometime.

@Braden Smith

Hello Braden, my name is Albert. I am a new up and coming investor with the intentions on making investing in real estate a life long career. I have been educating myself for the past 6 months on real estate. I have bought books from Wendy Patton, Dave Ravindran, Gary Eldred. I have also downloaded many podcast. From your professional opinion, what is the best way to learn about real estate investing. There are so many ways to invest, how do you know which one is the right one.

Any help is greatly appreciated


@Albert Dase

Hi Albert,

As far as knowing which way to invest goes... wll, that all just depends on what you enjoy. You have determine which type of investing you enjoy and then just do that. You will never be wildly successful at something you don't really enjoy doing. Once you know what type of investing you are interested in, seek out anyone and everyone who is doing that type of investing. Surround yourself with successful people who know more than you do. "If you're the smartest person in the room, then you're in the wrong room."

I would suggest joining NOREIA to start. You can check it out here: Attend the meeting, network and put yourself in the mix. Offer seasoned investors to JV (joint venture) where you find the deal and they help walk you through it for 50%. I know there are investors at NOREIA willing to do so. Think of it as paying for education, but in a much better way than relying on some guru course or program. This is first hand knowledge and 50% of a deal is better than 0% of a deal any day!

And NEVER stop learning. Read the books, watch the videos, listen to the podcasts and do it religiously. Create a solid routine for yourself that is the same week to week. Success is found in the routine. This is how you reach the highest level of competence: unconscious competence. This is where your routine creates habits that no longer require your conscious thinking. It becomes automatic and second nature. Develop a routine that ties in all aspects of your investing strategy (prospecting, research, marketing, sales, etc) so that each day, each week, each month and so on you know exactly what tasks you are doing, when you are doing them, and why you are doing them.

Check out this article:

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