How to search properties

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Hey guys,

I'm pretty new here, but I was curious how people search for properties?

Do you guys purchase an MLS subscription?

Do you find a Realtor in your area and use them? What would the fees for that be?

I'm just unsure how to start looking at areas and pricing homes.

Hi @Thomas Shaw , there are lots of ways to find properties. I have used, Zillow, Craigslist, EconoHomes, Hubzu and others. My husband & I also drive around town once in a while, we often find FSBO's and homes that look vacant. We also got a few leads from the county housing inspector (not sure I got the job title right). He gives out the CO's on the rental properties. He informed us of a few houses that another landlord was trying to get rid of and another house that had been vacant for years.

I might also recommend property management companies. They may know of landlords looking to sell properties, your local REIA or landlord association and just talking to people. You never know who might know of a great property.

Hope that helps!