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Hey guys quick questions, where do i obtain tax delinquent lists? Is there a certain website for each county/state or do i have to go down to my local court house? Also what is it that im actually looking for besides name and address, how do i find if they even have a property thats backed in taxes? Steps to to get to the seller b4 they even get on the tax list ?

Sorry if questions r stupid , just trying to learn as much as possible

Search your county website. You may not find a tax delinuent site but you are liekly to find a tax sale site. This may be either properties ready to go into tax sale or results from the last tax sale.

@Ned Carey I myself found the tax sale info on my county website and I guess my question would be as a wholesaler can you really go after those? I may be wrong but those tax sales are auctions? So as a wholesaler trying to get a property under contract in this case would be out of the question. I heard on a podcast a while ago that tax delinquent properties could be a good resource but it seems most counties don't provide the list just info on the tax sale.

Originally posted by @Darren Nichols :
I guess my question would be as a wholesaler can you really go after those?

Why not?

I may be wrong but those tax sales are auctions?

Yes but you can do a deal before the auction. If it is a tax lien state then only a lien is sold against the property at the auction and the original owner still owns the property. You can still buy it from the original owner. The back taxes get paid at settlement.

but it seems most counties don't provide the list just info on the tax sale.

They have to provide a list otherwise no one would know what they are bidding on. You just have to dig deeper. Talk to the people who run the tax sale.

Yeah I guess I will have to dig deeper. I have called my county and my neighboring county and they just say there is no list but I guess I will need to figure out who does the sale like you said. I still haven't done a deal yet but have been preparing and doing this for about 2 1/2 months but I am trying to figure out the best avenues for me to focus on. I get expired listings from a realtor friend and I have been able to get mortgage default lists from a title company website and I think the tax delinquent would be good too. My goal is to send 25 yellow letters a week starting next week (for the first time). I just want to make sure I am sending out letters to the best avenues. Sorry for the ramble and it's not even my post LOL

There is usually a list for Davis but web page says

Delinquent Tax List (2013)

The Delinquent Tax List is currently unavailable.

If your wanting to contact owners bet the treasurer has list just not online

This is for sale info

Believe it's in may

@Account Closed Dude thank you so much for finding that! You don't even live in Utah and you found what I have been looking for all day! It actually has a place you can click tax sale listings and a list pops up and its current!! So would the best course of action be to just send yellow letters to those addresses and wait for calls?

@Darren Nichols

your welcome! I like the tax sales a lot of people don't.

Around here I have just called them ( you can usually find # online )

But I usually knock on their doors most folks end up paying the taxes but every now and then one will make a deal.

@Darren Nichols

At the tax sales they require 100% payment right then. Some sales stop the auction and won't move on to the next listed property until you pay for the property. Others allow you to pay for all at the end of the sale.

We have bought property at the sale then immediately contacted adjoining neighbors about buying the property, at a profit of course. One neighbor figured out what the source of the property was and tried to go behind my back and go straight to the tax office to purchase the property. When he went there they said, "Oh you're too late somebody just bought that property." Yea, me.

Every county has a list whether they know about it or not. Most counties still aren't on the net but the info is available through the county tax collector who in most cases is the Treasurer's office. And don't buy any snow jobs, the are required to know who paid their taxes and who didn't and it is public info, just may require you do so digging. Remember a lot of these workers are the I am civil service and passed my probation period types and don't ask me to work.

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