Tax Deed Properties in Jacksonville Fl

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Hello all, i wanted to know if any of you have bought tax deed properties. I wanted know if any of you can share some do's and don'ts of doing so. i think I have researched as much as I can possibly can, I know to stay away from anything that has a gov't lien and to be mindful of the legal description.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I bought a condo in Daytona Beach. Here are the surprises: you need to "quiet the title", which means hire an attorney so you can sell it to someone else. If you want to keep the property for yourself, then no need to go through that action.

Second, most of the HOA's will try to bully you to pay the previous owners arrears. If you end up in that situation I can send you the name of the attorney I used that got me out of that.

@Jean Norton Thanks Jean, I read your story about the building and the HOAs. It was real informative, I too was under the assumption that all HOA fees/lien would nullify upon a tax deed purchase.

The houses that I seek out are in low income areas, I do plan to keep and borrow bank money for the rehab to rent out. Any more advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

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