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I was just wondering being new to real estate. What if you aren't the best handy man when it comes to doing repairs on your properties? I mean say you aren't financially able to get property management yet or it wouldn't make sense to yet. I was just thinking other people have to run into this problem as well to. This really shouldn't keep you from purchasing your first property but it has my mind at ease all the time. Just wondering how maybe other people have gone about this or maybe some thoughts on this?

Thanks Vince

Hey Vince I'm just gonna offer my two cents on the subject. I'd say to find a good handyman whether it be via Craigslist or a referral from a friend or associate. Explain to them that you need them to be available at short notice for odd jobs related to your rental properties. A good handyman & businessman will realize the opportunity for volume of work and adjust their prices accordingly. The tricky part is finding that the old cliche goes "good help is hard to find." Best of luck to you!

If you're not a handy person and you want to do the work yourself then you need to learn. There are many people here that talk about checking out books from the library and learning to hang drywall or how to replace a kitchen faucet. It's a little different for everyone but I have taught myself everything from installing laminate, minor tile work, minor plumbing and electrical, hanging siding, installing windows, etc....

Of course, if you have a friend or relative that can teach you (or help you learn), life will be a lot easier for you.

I remember the first time I did drywall went a little something like this:

Aunt Laurie: "can you do drywall?"

Me: " I've never done it, but I can try?"

Aunt Laurie: "Will you drywall my closed-in porch?"

Me: "Sure!"

It went well enough, she sold the house. I have since hung 100 sheets of drywall and I'm pretty decent at it. That's the way...

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Hey Michael Jobe thanks for the reply. Exactly what you put is probably the way I'm going to have to go about it. I had thoughts in those aspects of that way of doing it but wasn't to sure. More than less when it comes down to work on my property's I'm going to need to look along those line's of a good handyman.

Brian L thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm definitely not a good handy pearson. I Probably would have been better if it wasn't for me and my father always turning into some kinda of argument during the process of some type of house hold fixing lol. I also remember the time me and my father put up my bed room in the basement and he had me putting up some of the drywall for him. To keep a long story short when it came time to spackling the walls I probably had a good two inchs on there covering the cracks. But nonetheless I'm prob going to have to stick to finding my self a relatively good priced handyman on the side kind of like Michael said.

If not handy I would hire it out. If you only own 1 property you don't need to retain a permanent handyman. Just bid out each job as it comes.

Thanks James wise. That makes a lot of sense! I really wasn't to sure on how I was going to go about this when the problem came along but your answer really just hit it on the head for me. Thanks a lot.

When you do hire someone you can learn by watching them . I still do some of the repairs but you can only keep up with so many property's and have to use a handyman

At times you may want to try some repairs yourself to get it done right then,if so ,there are lots of examples on you tube to look at .