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How do you choose a business name that people will remember?? I have seen lots of people use their last name but I have a last name that people have a hard time pronouncing and so I am not keen on using it in the name of my company. Where I want to go with my real estate business is to rehab high end homes as well as spec build high end homes as I love construction and I love seeing top notch work being done. So I want a business name that people will remember as well as made them think of high quality. I would love to get peoples thoughts and ideas on this. Thanks!

Hey Justin, I don't think the name is as important and I personally think it is a very minor detail in your real estate career. I wouldn't spend too much time thinking about it. If you think your last name should be in it, then go with it.

Lallatin Investments, Lallatin Construction, Lallatin Home Buyers, Lallatin Capital, all sounds good to me. Believe me, when sellers are ready to get out of a house or buyers are ready to buy your house they won't care much about the name of your company.

I'm with Derek on this one especially since you have an uncommon last name. Or if you're dead set on using something else, try a variation of your initials. J&L Investments, J&L Real Estate Inc., JL & Associates Construction, etc. al. Let us know what you decide on!

I like the idea of using a business name, mostly for anonymity when your dealing with rentals / evictions, even selling new or resale homes. No one needs to know me or about me. You could make up & register something like "Texas Realty Group", it's easy to remember, makes you sound bigger with "group" in the name. I have a last name that people stumble on too. I use a business name and also only give out part of my last name when dealing with people in business, like George Bar, instead of Barrington. I sign leases with that as well, it's like an abbreviation. Using the abbreviation makes it hard for people to find you on line, your personal facebook (which is locked down anyway), or even your posts on sites like here on BP.

You don't have to do anything bad or wrong to get people to have an axe to grind with you. I've evicted plenty of rotten inherited tenants over 20+ years. I've also had a kook come around my personal home taking pictures of my home & things because of a home that I sold them (they altered it and had problems later) as they threatened to sue me which never happened. This happened seven years ago and since then I changed how I deal with being known.

When you start getting successful and have that nice big fancy house, cars maybe a big boat, travel trailer all on your compound, Jealousy can throw people on the fence of rational behavior overboard after they find out you're "rich".

@Justin L. I happen to think based on the homes you want, Lallatin Luxury Homes has a nice ring to it.

Thank you for the responses. I'm still working on figuring it out but will post when I do settle on something

For my real estate brokerage, I used my area (Houston Bay Area) and target market (luxury homes), "Bay Area Elite Properties".

Incorporating this for your investment company, I'm thinking:

Cleveland Luxury Rehabs (or Properties)

_______ County Elite Homes

... Maybe you can play with your area and terms dealing with high properties.

Good luck, still trying to come up with an LLC name for mine and my husband's up and coming investment company as well.

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