Assistant Property Management

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Hey BP i havent posted on here for awhile due to lack of ability to use the knowledge right now, but i am now enrolled for a 6month internship for an assistant P.M. I want to utilize this opportunity as much as i can, since i want to buy SFR once i actually land a job as an Assistant P.M. The internship is out of a Section A housing firm so im not sure how different the management for those kind of places oppose to normal management. So i want to make sure to ask questions to P.M and the BP community (I just find it easier to learn with field experience than just forums) about how to market an SFR to attract ppl, how to be thorough in lease agreements to protect myself and tenant, and how to manage any problems that i might come across. So my question is what all should i ask about to fully utilize my internship and BP before i land a job and start my investing journey? :)