Stopped telling people I'm getting into real estate

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When I decided about a month ago that real estate is the answer for what I've been looking for, I started to tell people about my new direction. However when I would tell anyone this I would always get the "yeah good luck with that" look on their face.

No-one seems to be all that encouraging about it and now I just don't say anything. I understand why they think this, because I used to be one of the doubters. However the people that are doubting me are the ones who live mundane, typical lives. The idea of sitting at a desk until I retire is not who I am.

It's great to find an awesome community like BP who encourages people like myself to take the leap of faith and just go for it.

I realize I'm only very new, but I already know it's something that I'm going to pursue and pursue until I'm very successful at it.

I say if you've got a passion for the real estate game then let the doubters doubt. I have aspirations but not a clear plan but that's how everyone's got to start. Money Talks...BS walks. Prove them wrong. 

Every new investor has went through this stage. Usually the next stage to get through is the one where people are waiting for you to fail. Followed by some of your friends and or family being jealous. Just remain focused. Those that doubt you are usually just showing their own inner doubt in themselves. Stay positive and surround yourself with like minded people which are everywhere here. If there is anything I can help you with pm me and I will do my best. 

Justin Scarborough totally agree with your doubt in themselves line. People who are scared don't like people who have confidence in themselves.

Im sure we've all been apart of this conversation at least once in our lives.

"Im going to buy rental properties"

"No you don't want to be a landlord. Your going to have to go unclog toilets at 2am!"

Ever wonder why nobody says this when someone tells them they want to become a plumber?

55 rental units later and folks still think I must be crazy to be a Landlord. Then I tell them we book $25,000 a month in rent, and in about 4 years they will all be paid off. And still most think I am crazy.  I guess I am. 

@Shane Willcox  

How about a conversation like the following... Either verbal or letter form?

I am excited to announce the establishment of my new business, [Your Business Name] here in [Your City]. After careful consideration and extensive study, I’ve found the one thing that I enjoy and can make a difference with – Real Estate Investing. The opportunity to help people who may need to sell their house is a worthy endeavor and the rewards are endless.

I understand that jump-starting my career is of great importance and I am counting on you for your support.

One of the first rules of business is that referred customers are the key to success, as these people are much more likely to do business than those who don’t know anything about me. I put together a list of people who I felt I could count on to help me succeed, and I had no doubt that you would want to be included in this process. And, it doesn’t come without reward to you. Although I know that you would not want something in return for helping me, I’m excited to be able to offer you $500 for every referral whose house I buy. This is for your time in telling others about what I do.

So if you would, when you hear of someone who is looking to sell their house, just give them one of my business cards and at the same time, gather their telephone number and name, and then call me with that information. I am hoping that won’t be too much trouble. I would certainly appreciate it. To make this all the easier, I have already written your name on the back of each card.

My business will cater to people who need to sell for a number of reasons.

  • Trying to buy a new house and need to sell
  • Divorce
  • Foreclosure
  • Probate issues
  • Job Transfers
  • Tired of being a landlord
  • Bankruptcy
  • Any other reason someone may have
  • Thank you for your help, and I appreciate your friendship and support.

    Don't stop telling people about your goals and pursuits, but do start ignoring the haters. Haters don't give me more or less motivation because I am self motivated. You just keep pushing forward and before long your haters will aspire to be you :)

    I just read back my original post. I guess I wasn't necessarily after more encouragement. I'm a very confident person and have no problem tackling things without other peoples support.

    I guess I was just curious to see how other people have handled it and what they tell people.

    @Michael Q. that's a great way to put it too. I'll be jotting that down for later use!

    @Shane Willcox  I am learning the same thing... & I agree with @Justin Scarborough  

    Also have learned to just talk about something relatable so that 'crazy look' doesnt even come up.
    I have also learned not to take advice from those that have things i don't look want or look up to (if your not an investor and are strictly a consumer, why would i take money advice from you). 

    Keep up the encouragement though! BP is full of people that do nothing but keep it positive and enjoy helping others! :D

    @Shane Willcox   Yes. As a serial entrepreneur I have been on the receving end of that setiment my whole life.

    Also what @Justin Scarborough   said!  I never noticed that until he just said it.  YES! LOL!

    Shane you have to understand there are people that will NEVER understand why you do what you do.

    I am a business owner. I LOVE it. People will say there is security in a J-O-B. I say that is pure hogwash. Statistics say people change fields almost every 5 years on average. At anytime their job they are speaking of can go away in a minutes notice and that week to week paycheck has vanished.

    There is no job security anymore like when my dad worked for the post office. You could work 40 years and retire and have a nice pension. Those days are all vanished in the corporate world for most.

    Some people see security in a mundane job doing the same thing over and over again. I personally love to be challenged with new things everyday and when I accomplish what others think can't be done it feels great. Being creative runs in my family with plenty of business owners and inventors.

    You can talk to certain people until blue in the face and they will still scratch their heads about what you do. Now if you have a wife and kids and bills then you need to be cautious and have reserves so that you break away slowly. To some working  a regular job that they are not passionate about and retiring is what you do in life. I knew from an early age I was destined for a much more exciting life. Statistics show about 80 percent of people can't stand their jobs and do it to collect a check.

    It's much easier to live with failure than live with regret for not trying.

    @Joel Owens  totally agree. There's no security in anything, let alone when your future is dictated by people above you and circumstances out of your reach.

    It's harder to fail when you only have yourself to blame.

    @Joel Owens  great post!  Once your laid off at a regular job your income stops dead. In real estate you create income that no one can take away. No one can fire you.   

    Don't stop telling people you are getting into real estate.  Who knows maybe one person you tell was thinking of it as well and will jump in with your encouragement. Let the haters hate and help the people who are willing and open to help themselves. 

    @Shane Willcox  I've had several people make that comment to me.  My usual follow-up is that I've had multiple rental properties in multiple states for multiple years and the "Condition" that they describe hasn't been my experience.

    The world is as you see it.  Some choose to see the world as a ****** place. I however,  see it as a world of opportunity.  Just keep your view and move on with it.

    You think you're looked at crazy?! Try being 17 and telling people that! I've had my fair share of dirty looks and comments from those who matter to me. It's not a great feeling, I know. I was at the point where I was just going to start telling people "I don't know what I want to be when I grow up". In fact I told a few people in my family that after a while. One day after church talking with my girlfriend's dad, a construction company owner, he asked me what's been going on this summer now that school is out what not. I just sort of said, oh you know nothing, working, the usual. I really wanted to tell him about my aspirations and goals but it was so nerve racking. All I could think about is that he would never want his little girl to be with someone who is going to grow up and be a broke failure. I'm not sure where no pulled the courage from, but I came out and said "well actually I joined a reia group and want to start investing in real estate". The WHOLE 3 seconds it took him to respond felt like an eternity. I felt my face heating up and my heart started beating faster as soon as I opened my mouth. He just looked at me and said "yeah, there is a lot of money in real estate". The world was lifted off of my shoulders and from that point on I knew if I could tell HIM, I could tell anyone. And now I do, I could care less if the president or the pope himself asks me what I want to be when I grow up,  my answer will confidently remain the same: a real estate investor. 

    Ha, that never goes away.  Wait until you go full time and tell people you dont have a job.  I actually got told by a chic I was dating she couldn't look up to me because I didnt take life seriously.  She was working 50+ hour weeks for half what I make (and doing well), and I was the crazy one because I spent a lot of weekdays wakeboarding and drinking beer and did fun stuff like ball games, concerts and shows 5 days a week.  To each their own, but that was comical to me.  I had doubled my business that year, I just didnt mention it and they cant see it, even if you tell them.  They dont have a frame of reference for the things we do.  "I bought another house today" to them is a gamble I just took, to me its at least $25k already in the bank.  I flat out love going to the bank and pulling out $100k+ from my checking account to buy a house in my swim trunks and flip flops, the tellers dont know what to think. 

    Even when the money starts piling up people dont understand until you start buying stuff like big houses and nice cars, and even then they think you're lucky or spending recklessly.  They've been programmed to think the only way to make it in the world is to get a degree and climb the corporate ladder and work long days for someone else just for the privilege of going home and watching TV so you can rest up and do it again tomorrow and look forward to that week vacation once a year.  Comical.  They also budget monthly because that's their income.  I do yearly budgets and write checks for everything I do, while they are a six month break in their job from being bankrupt because they are making payments on everything they own.  Ignore them. 

    Dont get me wrong, I get more done than most and put in my hours, but if you do it right, you are the quarterback and getting your people in place and making sure they are doing the right things from just about anywhere.  I go somewhere every month (Hawaii in two weeks, haven't been, looking forward to it), and I can run my business from my boat most days.  That's not by accident.  But hey, I dont take life seriously because I enjoy it too much...

    Best of luck man, we've all been there.  Never forget, the ones that matter dont care and the ones that care dont matter.  When you start getting there, the only ones you can get the "you done well" pat on the back are from are the other entrepreneurs.  The "normal" folk rarely understand what you did.   

    Dan Kennedy's got a good book on the subject I cant recall now, its been 15 years since I read it.  Good reading, as is most of his "no BS" series for entrepreneurs, its full of good stuff.  

    Keep in mind, if you are going to strike out on your own, you are gonna be out on your own for the most part. Just the way it works. This site and the REIA type meetings are where you'll find the kindred spirits. Any corporate type is gonna think you're crazy, that or say "I wish I could do that"

    @Shane Willcox   I suggest that you stop telling people that you are "getting into real estate", and start telling them that you are a real estate investor. 

    I see it the same way that I see someone who tells me that they are going to start a diet. Don't just talk about doing it, do it.

    It's lonely at the top!

    you can't find a partner if you stop telling people. besides, BP, of course..

    I am ambivalent on to tell or not or not to tell .  I did learn that sometimes silence is golden. I mean on one end telling people your in  getting into Real Estate is good when your promoting your business. But sometimes talking to much about your plans does more harm than good when it falls on deaf ears,or falls on naysayers! Or when you don't meet your own expectations and then they can point a finger and say "see I told you so"

    For example when I first started working at the company I am in now. I started working although  knew I was going for my Illinois Brokers license. I had to pass the exam for I were already through with school. I told a few co-workers I had my own business and I am in real estate......boy ....I wish I would of kept my personal business affairs to myself. one co-worker loves to try to make me look stupid and I know it is because she knows I am not there to die working for someone else.

    See some people would rather you sit at a desk in a cubicle to you die,but then there are others who are excited for you and your ventures. It is mostly because they aren't able to think beyond their own situation.

    So it's not so much as telling people but the right people to tell. Bottom line your getting into real estate and your in the right circle now. Your among others who got into real estate. 

    And back to that phrase silence is golden,for the past weeks I have been confronted with a few circumstances that I know I can't share with too many people. I talk about here because I am very sure even thou we are online for the public to see. I am among people doing what I want to do. that is the difference!  Here's what I am facing, I will lose my current job not just because I want to(in a way I am better than the job,but it's a check) We make sacrifices to think for the long run and my time at the company is closing.  I have to focus on Real Estate and my husbands  Chauffeurs business,which comes in handy with real estate also.  The lack of funds because the restrictions of making enough to really live better,Schedule conflicts because of being chained to a desk at an office  doesn't make for a happy ending. When you know your missing out on the real money! I recently created a company to assist those in need of building business and real estate is my focus there too(should of done this a year ago). But guess what I haven't said to people "Hey,look at me I am now doing Virtual Assistance now and I am still planning on getting my license I will the exam soon.!" You know why because I rather spend more time networking on sites like this than wasting my time  talking to meaningless people.   They aren't in my shoes! 

    So in the meanwhile I sit at my desk like a happy employee,I am planning to exit....and I haven't told anyone!  

    Maybe they will just Google me and see what I have going  

    Sorry I realized I write articles for

    Originally posted by @Anthony G.:

    @Shane Willcox  I suggest that you stop telling people that you are "getting into real estate", and start telling them that you are a real estate investor. 

    I see it the same way that I see someone who tells me that they are going to start a diet. Don't just talk about doing it, do it.

     Great advice!

    Nice work @Damon Armstrong  to have the kahunas at such a young age.

    At least you won't have to say "I wish I had started in real estate earlier" :)

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