Newbie starts the networking phase!

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Had my first encounter with a realtor tonight. Somewhat interesting to say the least. First hand learning experience. Realized no one will ever be as interested in making money with me as I am. I quickly realized that this was not the person that I will be starting my journey with. Not saying I will never do business with him, just won't start out with him. My thoughts, his idea of all real estate investors, they're all slum lords so that's what he thinks I should get into. Slimy business practices was the comment of choice throughout the conversation.  I allowed him to do all of he talking until the end when I informed him that there are slimy business practices in every business,  even real state agents can be. It's not the business it's the person who does not know how to be professional and conducts poor business practices. Thank you for your time and I hope to work with you one day. 

Next stop REIA gathering Tuesday night. Looking forward to that, I hope I don't meet those slimy investors.???? I have a plan to have my first property locked down and rehabbing by Halloween at the latest. Wish me luck in the heartland.

Wish you the best! Go get it! 
And you're absolutely right, every industry has its share of people who aren't ethical, misleading, and have a great character. 
Just keep surrounding yourself with likeminded people. 

@Jeff Berry  - Many a times its worth trusting your gut feeling and the vibes the person had. In real estate you invest on people and its people business. So going with the initial impression helps a lot in long run.

@Jeff Berry  

 You pretty much hit the nail on the head.  Slimy people in every profession at every level.

I have several real estate agents who just didn't return emails or phone calls.  Maybe they were overwhelmed with other work.  But they know that I am an investor, and possibly can't be bothered to work with me.

This is one of the many reasons I plan to become a realtor.

Hey Jeff, you're on the right track at least.  It's a start.  Good Luck! 

I'm also a newbie, can anyone tell me how to find the nearest REIC in my area?  

Well strike two, I would like to believe there are more investors in my area than what showed up to the REIA gathering tonight. I guess I did not get the memo there was no meeting tonight. Not sure what happened but I did not even have my calls returned by the organizer. Realize my education and experience will have to come from BP and school of hard knocks.

Have to ask, I know of 3 vacant properties.  Foreclosures more than likely. How can I find someone to contact for information? I can find the previous owners but they have been foreclosed on would you still contact them? 

I've had the same lack of response @John Van Uytven for mortgage brokers and lawyers. I don't understand it. I am a small business owner myself, and if someone reached out to me and said "I want your product/service, please contact me", I would respond the second I saw the request. Who wouldn't?!

@Jeff Berry  who are the types of people you want to attract? Are you happy to connect with anyone who has similar interests, or are you specifically looking for a group of people with particular expertise or experience?

When I'm networking and run across a realtor, I ask them if they work with investors or if they invest as well. Unfortunately a lot of realtors don't think highly of investors because they may be new or just don't know the business. Keep taking action an you will have your team assembled in no time.

@Mark Perry Thanks for your input and a pleasure to have this discussion with you. To answer your question I am looking to connect with both types of groups. General connections with investors no matter what their niche is because from what I have learned so far this is a people business and making relationships is what it is all about. So to meet other like minded people is a neccessity. Along with that I do need to meet people who are entrenched in the rehabbing business to gain knowledge and relationships with "the competition". That is the mindset I have for myself, currently looking to connect with people who I can learn from and get advice from or just to see and hear their stories.

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