Rent to Own newbie hitting a wall

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I'm trying to structure a RTO in BC, Canada and am coming up against some roadblocks. I am using the agreements in Mark Loeffler's Investing in RTO's for Canadians (lease, occupancy, utilities, and Option to Purchase) but can't find a lawyer willing to look over the contracts for me. I mention RTO and they scatter. One even suggested doing a Vendor Take-Back mortgage instead. Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey Christine,

I can recommend a couple of lawyers that deal specifically with RTO's, however they are Ontario lawyers so the laws may be slightly different. I would also suggest reaching out to Julie Broad of Rev N You real estate. They are BC based, and I believe do RTO's as well, so may have some contacts for you.


Agree with Chad.

Contact Julie Broad and her husband. I've recommended her to a few people and they were happy. Don't know her personally but you can check her out on you tube.

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