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I recently moved from MD to Wilmington, NC. I tried wholesaling in MD and had no deals, but I learned a lot along my journey. I had a chance to talk to UNmotivated sellers, visit courthouse to look at Probates, evaluate houses, mail out yellow letters, scott out vacant houses, network and meet lots of people in RE. Now that I am in NC I am hoping to learn more and meet others in the industry. I am finding there are not many REI meetings held in NC. Any suggestions??

Hey, Louise and welcome to the area! I also live and invest in Wilmington, NC; it's a great area. I had the same issue in terms of finding a REI. There's one locally, but I had hoped to talk to someone who was more familiar with it first to see if it was worthwhile or just a bunch of sales and pitches. What are you looking to invest in here in Wilmington?

@Louise Whidby Not sure about Wilmgton but there are two decent groups over here. RTP REIA and then one in the captial city Raleigh. They do a general meeting, a north meeting and then a south area meeting. You could probably get to the Raleigh one in about 90 minutes if you are interested in going; the general meeting is next Tuesday evening I think.

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Hey Louise, I share your sentiments regarding the MD area. I grew up just outside of Baltimore. Hard market to break into. I am also a descent move to NC, the Fayetteville area. Although we aren't to close to one another there is a REI in my area, you may want to check it out sometime. So have you had any wholesale luck in Wilmington?

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Hi @Louise Whidby  !

Wilmington is such a great town. I agree with the poster above, check out the Raleigh REIA, and of course, bigger pockets. You could start your own group!

There are two active groups in the Wilmington area. I was a board member at Coastal Carolina REIA for years.  While their website is abysmal, the group is not! Definitely not a sales pitch-fest as one poster mentioned. Well attended and great for networking with some of the successful investors in town. 

There is also a Meet Up group led by one of ILMs busiest investors - Steve Dutton.