How to get started????

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I'm new to real estate investing. I have been researching the New Jersey area for quite some time but I'm not really sure how to get started. I'm also looking for a local Real Estate Investment club as well as a mentor. Any help would be appreciated.


On the left side of this site you will find different categories. Scroll down until you see LOCAL RESOURCES. Click on real estate investment club and there is a list of clubs in different states. Even if you find one in NJ that is not close to you I'm sure they can send you in the right direction. You could also google it. Good luck!

Just do it.
Make an offer on paper in contract form with or without a real estate agent.
Even if you don't have the money. you will be surprised at the doors that will open "AFTER" you take ACTION.
Just do it!
You can ask us questions if you have any problems.
We are here to help.

How much of a newbie are you? Do you know what kind of investing you want to start with? The first thing I'd figure out is what you want to focus on - buy and hold, wholesaling, rehab & flip, etc. Make that decision and then focus on learning what you can about that area of REI.

You'll find almost all of the knowledge you need right here on the forums. Start here and then move onward to the areas that interest you. Read the old and new posts - all of them have a wealth of knowledge that should help you out.

Before you get started you have to have a plan and goals to accomplish.

Like said above. Educate yourself and see exactly what type of investing you would be most interested in.

Once you figure that out you can find out where to get started. But a local REIA would be a good start.

Good luck !!

I would say to start small. Get youself knowledgeable with all the different ways of financing and figure out how to do handy work typically seen when flipping. After that get into Bird-Dogging and WholeSaling so when an investor thinks of finding a good deal he will come to you. For all the other knowledge that you know of other than finding good deals, thank you for your time and have a wonderful day my friend.......

Thanks for the great responses. I'm looking to start slow. I'm interested in getting into wholesale to try to build enough capitol to start buying apartment houses. Are there any good courses out there or is there another way to get the knowledge and experience with doing wholesale.

You might want to check out the wholesale forum you may find some very interesting things there. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful biggerpockets day my friend!

the best way to learn is buy something small. I know NJ is very expensive , because I grew up there.
You may need to find a 2 bed 1 bath around 150k , hopefully it will rent out around $1200.

this is a good way to learn how to invest, by getting started.